Ruiu: 'Da Li a Redbird, il Milan l'ha finanziato sempre Elliott. Solo Maldini ci ha sempre visto chiaro, fidatevi di lui'

Milan arrived at the fourth property in 5 yearsa small record, a unicum in the more than one hundred-year-old history of the club that with this consecutiveness has become approached the 6 presidents in 7 years of the troubled period at the turn of the 70s / 80s in which the first star was conquered, but also reached the lowest points of the glorious Rossoneri history. Obviously this football and these turnovers are very very different from those of the aforementioned period and therefore the comparison is based only on the almanacs, certainly not for the size of the company or the developments in the near future.

Having said that, in the 4 properties that have occurred in these 5 years we cannot help but find some evident analogies that trace a sort of fil rouge to accompany these continuous metamorphoses. Transformations that often resemble a continuum make-upgiven that it is difficult to find many points of discontinuity between one owner and another. The frappant elements and the decisive reorganization of management are a constant in the change of ownership of any company, especially in those of football. He taught us that Berlusconi who, when he took over the leadership of the club from Farina, razed the pre-existing Board of Directors and the previous management to the groundincluding a Milanist monument such as Gianni Rivera. This process, in the continuous changes of ownership of AC Milan in recent years, has never happened. Or certainly not in a decisive and radical way. Neither in the administrative field nor in the shareholding field. Nor on a financial level. The examples are obvious: Scaroni was part of the “Chinese” AC Milan board, then he became president of Elliott’s Milan and in all likelihood he will be president of Redbird’s Milan. Elliott expressed representatives in the Board of Directors of “Chinese” AC Milan, obviously he was holding the Board of Directors of Milan signed by Singer and will be present in Cardinale’s AC Milan.

There is also no lack of “continuity” elements at the shareholder level: the most evident is the presence of the vehicle company Blue Sky which collaborated with Sino Europethen played a decisive role in Milan’s Luxembourg stock package Yonghong Li and his presence in Elliott’s Milan was even more important, in which D’Avanzo had even been included in the Board of Directors. The surprising thing is that Blue Sky will also keep shares in Redbird’s Milanalways with a company registered in the register of the Grand Duchy.

On a financial level, the most “rouge” fil rouge of all is outlined, indeed we could say “rouge et noir” to quote Stendhal. The Elliott fund lent the money to Yonghong Li in 2017, then lent it to “his” Milan from 2018 to 2022 and will now lend it to Redbird for the next few years.. Or at least until the next change of ownership. In practice, in all these transformations, after Berlusconi, he put the money, indeed he “put it back” always Elliott. Yes, because Gazidis and company can sell us as they want the exceptional progress in the budget, but the reality is that Milan, like most of the Italian football clubs, it does not produce profits, but only liabilities in the balance sheet. Certainly it is better to have “Rossi” of 50 million as in the year that is about to end, rather than 200 as two years ago. But it is always about losses. And it is precisely for this reason that if the valuation of 740 million in the passage of Milan from Fininvest to Yonghong Li seemed anomalous, the overall price of 1.2 billion in the signing just happened between Elliott and CardinalAnd. Considering that the last balance sheet of the Berlusconi era generated a turnover of 236 million per year, while that of the 2021/22 year is around 300. With reds that have gone from 74 million in 2017 to about 50 this year. In short, differences that, numbers in hand, would not justify such growth in the overall asset valuation. But anything can be in finance and football. So, once again we look forward to seeing on the pitch how this new ownership will manage the future of our glorious team.

We keep the most conspicuous element of continuity that Milan has never abandoned in all these changes of ownership and it is what the fans insist on not wanting to consider. This is obviously the incredible pre-emptive propaganda. And they don’t refer me to house organwho carry out their work legitimately and well, but to the theoretically “independent” press. The one who in 2016 believed in Berlusconi who said: “I will leave Milan in good hands”, the one who believed in Yonghong when he said: “We will bring Milan back to the top of the world”, the one that assured that Elliott would not be a transitional owner and that he would build the new stadium, the one that is already sure that Cardinale and his fund will invest in Milan in profusion. Don’t trust them and don’t even trust me, but trust Maldini, the only one who had the consistency to always want to see us clearly in all these corporate metamorphoses. And that, I deserve not just, in all this bustle he brought us a scudetto that looks a lot like that of the “star”. Trust Maldini, not who would be able to deny that Christmas falls on December 25th.

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