Ruiu: '150 giocatori accostati al Milan, 15 giorni di silenzio assordante: prima rinnovare Maldini, poi tutto il resto.'

“Deafening silence” it is an inflated oxymoron, which is often misused. In this case no, there could not be a more apt rhetorical figure to represent the state of things between Paolo Maldini and Milan, or rather that part of Milan to which the sporting director addressed in a clear, energetic and definitive way. Maldini’s interview with Journal that broke the idyll of the post-championship celebrations dates back to last May 27th. 15 days have passed and no concrete facts have been recorded. With that interview Maldini called into question Elliott, Gazidis and the new ownership, ma no concrete facts followed that interview. With that interview Maldini asked for information on the renewal of the contract, of him and of Massara, but later, there was no official news.

Now we have come to 15 days from the expiry of the contracts. For heaven’s sake, there is plenty of time to renew them and settle any economic issues, admitted and not granted that the main issues to be discussed are of a remunerative nature. We honestly do not believe that Maldini makes it a mere matter of “money”. When he was not convinced by the roles proposed to him (by Berlusconi and Galliani) or when the solidity of the projects did not convince him (Fassone and Mirabelli) Maldini did not hesitate to refuse and renounce important contracts. For years, after hanging up his boots, Maldini limited himself to being a Milan fan and did not need to work at all costs. He has never been interested in and will never be interested in other positions in other teams. He is linked to Milan and only to Milan. So, money has nothing to do with this contract renewal. So what does it have to do with it? Because Maldini hasn’t renewed yet.

He explained it very well in that famous interview: he wants to know if behind this new Milan there is a winning project and this can only be guaranteed by Elliott and Cardinal. He wants to know if in November (month of expiry of the contract) he will be expelled Gazidis for which, rightly, Maldini has always had great closeness from a human point of view, but just as right he has never digested strategies and interference from a professional point of view. These are the two themes that Maldini’s renewal focuses on. And they are missing only 15 days to expiration. 15 of silence passed. Indeed deafening.

I already know that the usual courtiers will retort that after the announcement of the new ownership, they all expressed very positively on Maldini’s permanence at the top of the sports area. From Scaroni to Gazidis, from Singer to Cardinale: everyone expressed the concept that Maldini was fundamental in winning the 19th Scudetto and that he must absolutely remain at the helm of Milan. However, there is a small detail: none of those who spoke about Maldini’s future had expressed doubts or sent messages after winning the Scudetto. The only one who raised them, uncovering the famous Pandora’s box, was the person directly concerned. The only one who questioned Maldini’s contract was Maldini himself. So, that the others speak, it doesn’t matter. The only one who can communicate either verbally or by signing the contract renewal that doubts have been dispelled and problems solved is Paolo Maldini alone.

I have already expressed my opinion on how central it was in this Rossoneri Renaissance and therefore I am not going to repeat it. But I say that, as a fan, for the moment I don’t care about the 150 names of players approached by Milan. For the moment the thing more it is important that Maldini renews this blessed contract and that he firmly believes in this “new” property. Everything else will come accordingly. And until he expresses himself, there are no certainties. And as long as Maldini does not have the required guarantees from the owner, he will not express himself and will not sign. The guarantees are always the same: a winning project from a technical and not only economic point of view, but also and above all a free hand over the entire sports area. What has happened in these two weeks is the demonstration that Maldini has never forgotten what Gazidis had done to him and Boban (Paolo himself mentions Rangnick in the interview), but has only set it aside for the good of Milan. Now he’s got it all out. Exactly as Boban had done in February 2020. With the difference that at the time Boban was fired on the spotwhile this time, with a scudetto in the middle and a very strengthened position, it is Maldini who wants to make a clean sweep.

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