Rovella, goals and leadership in the Under 21 to win Juve

L’Italy Under 21 is one step away from qualifying for the final stage of theEuropean 2023, whose finals will be played in Georgia and Romania in June. The 1-1 draw at Sweden brought the coach’s side close to the finish line Paolo Nicolatodragged by Nicolò Rovellawhose growth the Juventus in addition to the coach of the senior national team Roberto Mancinialways very attentive to the promotion of the best talents from the reservoir of youth selections.

Rovella leads Italy Under 21

Rovella scored two fundamental goals for Italy’s journey, at the end of March in Trieste against Bosnia, for the 1-0 it was worth overtaking in the lead of the group to the detriment of Sweden, and then, with a lot of number 10 on his shoulders, the penalty in the 1-1 against the Gialloblù, which will allow Nicolato’s team to play two out of three results in the last match against Ireland. A milestone already in the previous two years, under age, and a protagonist at Euro 2021, despite thenaive expulsion remedied against Spain, Rovella is redeeming the disappointment for relegation to B series lived with the Genoa, which preceded the emotional farewell of the Milanese midfielder to the rossoblù jersey.

Serie A, the Under 23 top 11: Osimhen leads the attack

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Serie A, the Under 23 top 11: Osimhen leads the attack

Juve, what role for Rovella next season?

After the commitments with the Under 21 team and a short vacation, Juventus is waiting for Nicolò, who in January 2021 has burned the competition of numerous clubs, managing to secure a player on whose future, however, there are still no certainties. In the midst of the big names like Locatelli, Rabiot and Zakaria and the probable return horse Pogba, in fact, there should be room for two young players, to grow in training and send on the pitch sparingly, as in the Allegri style.

Juve, the pressing on Pogba continues

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Juve, the pressing on Pogba continues

Fagioli, Miretti and Rovella: Juve’s gold

Nicolò Fagiolireturning from the loan to Cremonese with which he obtained the promotion to Serie A, Rovella and Fabio Miretti, fresh from his debut in the Under 21, are the three candidates for two places: Fagioli, old ball from Allegri and Miretti, born in 2003 coming from the Under 23 team who bewitched the Livorno coach in the last league games, they start as favorites, but in favor of Rovella the more experience accumulated in the two Serie A championships experienced as a starter with Genoa. The final decision will be by Allegri himself together with the executives in light of the company’s moves in the department during the next transfer market.

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