Rome, Zaniolo between form and money: hot summer

He has always considered the Rome the first choice for his future, he was acclaimed by the fans after the goal of Tiranabut today Zaniolo he no longer feels at the center of the project. Nicolò he understood that his Giallorossi history is almost over, even if telling himself is hard. These days she is spending a short vacation in Sardinia, posted a photo on social media, on which he wrote relax. Then she will come back to Spiceto follow a few days with friends in Versilia.


A few days have passed since the match against Feyenoordbut it seems like a century has gone by. Mourinho he told him the night before, in retreat, that he would play, Nicolò had many doubts. There was the fear of staying out like in the derby, which is his biggest disappointment. The Special One he wants to motivate him, he knew how to manage it, managing to give him his best, especially in the crucial phase of the season, up to the decisive goal in the final in Tirana. Nicolò needs consent, he must feel important. The request for a new, richer contract has not only economic reasons. He wants to feel like a top player, like Abraham And Pilgrims. He now earns 2.5 million, less than half of the top players in the salary rankings. On the renewal of the contract he jokes, exchanging some messages with Tiago Pinto in these vacation days. The decisive goal in the final against Feyenoord brought him back to the center of gossip and returned to social media with controversy that Nicolò let slip on him. He has dedicated a few days of vacation to his son Thomasin less than a month he will be back at work, waiting to know his future, he prepares to be ready in retreat.

Tactical placement

The possible return to 4-2-3-1 could put him in difficulty. Nicolò today feels like a forward in all respects, in the first part of the season he struggled in the role of attacking midfielder. Better with the change of form, the 3-4-1-2, closer to Abraham and closer to the door. While Mou for the new Rome is thinking about returning to his reference module.

Magone Azzurro

Zaniolo cannot find space with continuity even in National. In the last call he returned home after a few days, it is not the first time this has happened. He could be one of the men on whom to build the new Italy, but he has always remained on the sidelines. In the play-offs for the World he was first sent to the stands in the most important match against North Macedonia and then replaced after only one time in the friendly with the Turkey. The ct Mancini he beat him and the feeling between the two does not take off. The blue shirt is the other reason for Nicolò’s worries, in addition to the contract. Roma believe they cannot please him, they cannot earn as much as Abraham. And then the summer will be long, indeed very long.

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