Rome, the offer is missing: Zaniolo can stay

ROME – Aeven a simple one message from congratulationspublished on social networks to pay homage to the milanista’s birthday Leaobecame a topic of debate on Nicolò Zaniolo, the most explosive and precarious footballer in the recent history of Rome. The future of ours, despite the Tirana goal, is as solid as a leaf on a windshield, because it depends on the mood of the wind. Doesn’t blow the air of renewal contractual (expiration 2024), a circumstance that disappointed the player, but not even stratospheric offers that could suggest a farewell to Rome. Yet the summer of market it is as volatile as a Venezuelan bond, and hides scenarios that are currently unpredictable. If the Milan of Leao, or maybe the Juventus, enter the scene with decision, the leaf falls down from the glass. Or from the open bus where Zaniolosinging at the top of his voice and not maintaining any demeanor in the celebrations for the Conference, he had shown personal pride and attachment to the Romanist cause.

The reflections

The stall in negotiationsthe inertia in decisionsare elements that generate legitimate doubts, both on the part of Zaniolo that by the Rome. In a story that Mourinho he is following with interest but without particular agitation: for a coach having Zaniolo is always an advantage, beyond some behavioral sin that is forgiven to any 23-year-old boy. But a small reason for reflection imposes itself: if no one shows up with one proposal concrete, over 40 million, Zaniolo risks to remain to Trigoria for lack of alternatives real, not because of the club’s conviction to invest in its definitive rebirth. There Rome moreover, today it cannot guarantee pensions, wrapped as it is in the debts (and losses) inherited from the previous management. The Friedkins therefore prefer not to commit to a long and heavy contract, until they have perceived with their accounting eyes that this talent cannot be lost. A waiting time that can be slippery.

Zaniolo and Roma waiting

Then better not unbalance. Zaniolo’s attorney, Claudio Vigorelli, is not a shark of negotiations and aims for the player’s good, as well as professional gain. THE relationships with Roma they have always remained good, despite the different visions, and they won’t be spoiled even now, in the hot summer. Zaniolo knows that if one arrives good proposal Roma will let him go. Roma know that if Zaniolo does not move he will have to discuss it sooner or later contractto avoid losing purchasing power in 2023. We are moving forward in a climate of harmony, in short, waiting for events that no one can control today.

Maturity Zaniolo

For his part Nicolò yes you are engaging to prove her maturity, even during the holidays in which he gladly did his father, cuddling little Tommaso in Sardinia in the company of his ex-partner Sara. He also worked on the body, with training and physiotherapy sessions to better manage injured knees. On July 4th, when the Rome set the gathering for the new season, he wants to be found readywithout excess kilos, to make the most of his year one: after the understandable break-in, and the newfound self-esteem, he is sure he can become the luck of the team he will play for. Starting with Rome, which has already taken precautions with alternative objectives so as not to be displaced by a sudden separation but will not get rid of him under unfavorable conditions. From the big ones dilemmas even great stories can be born.

Mourinho's new Rome for next season

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Mourinho’s new Rome for next season

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