Rome, the Matic shot is another goal from Mourinho

An authoritative English colleague, very well informed about the Premier, calls: he has been following her for a lifetime. The argument is Matic: “Mourinho is always the Special One. Only he could convince Nemaja to accept the Rome, refusing other offers, even more economically advantageous. He thinks Conte wanted him at Tottenham, but José came first. Great shot“Words as intriguing for the Giallorossi fans as gratifying for the club Friedkin, where it is shown once more how the triumph in a European cup increases the prestige of those who take it and the new appeal exercised on the market. But, above all, this is also another goal of Mourinho who strongly wanted the footballer, in turn ready to accept the invitation of his ancient master, in Chelsea and in United.

Matic, the background before the yes to Mourinho

The wrath of Conte

Matic will prove to be very valuable for Roma, combining his great international experience (48 appearances for the national team, 71 appearances in European cups with clubs) with the tactical flexibility that will strengthen Mourinho’s central package, being able to play both as a midfield and two both as a left inside in the three-man midfield. We understand why too With you wanted the player in the Spurs who, thanks to the work of the former blue coach, will return to play in the Champions League. Antonio who set fire to flames in the summer of 2017, when the Chelsea sold Matic to United for 44 million euros; at Stamford Bridge they still remember the coach’s outburst, according to which the Serbian had been instrumental in winning the English title. It was the beginning of the prolonged break between Conte and the Blues that would have resulted in a divorce at the end of the 2017-2018 season.

Rome, not only Matic: this is who Mourinho's other loyalists are

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Rome, not only Matic: this is who Mourinho’s other loyalists are

Good job

Matic under the guidance of Mourinho played first in Chelsea and then in Manchester. He ranks three Premier Leagues, an FA Cup, an English League Cup and a Portuguese League Cup. He posted a United fan sub twitter: “Wherever Mourinho goes, Matic follows him“. And another: “The story of Matic and Mourinho is so nice that they go everywhere together“. Guido D’Ubaldo underlined this morning in the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio:”The Serbian midfielder had also received offers from Fulham, from three German, two French and two Turkish teams“He said no eight times to say yes to the Rome that burned on time Tottenham and the other competition, signing a decidedly advantageous agreement: having terminated the contract with United, Matic was free to make an agreement with the Capitoline club. Rome winner of the Conference and eager to attempt the feat in the Europa League has placed a first important blow on the road to its strengthening. Good job.

Matic-Roma, all the curiosities to know

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Matic-Roma, all the curiosities to know

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