Rome: Pellegrini, the fate of the 10th and the investiture of Totti

ROME – The investiture is at least as old as the talent. The authorized temptation, on the other hand, is new: Lorenzo Pellegrini he reflects, honored, on the ideal assistance he has given him Tottithat is, to inherit the most sacred link, the Tenwhich no one has worn since Rome after Great Retreat. It is not a hypothesis on the agenda, because Pellegrini inside the 7 of him feels comfortable, also recalling the verses of the Romanist poet De Gregori. But the esteem that Totti reiterated, even two days ago, is an indication that is valid for the future: when you want, Lorenzo, you are the right man to pass on the responsibility of a great captain of Rome. Pellegrini with the number 10 has already tasted the Nationalalso demonstrating to the most skeptical of being an indispensable player in the new blue course, now he is required to reflect on the home perspective, “Because it is right that a child who grew up with the dream of playing for Roma can one day wear the number 10 shirt”.

Mourinho's new Rome for next season

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Mourinho’s new Rome for next season

Rome, Totti and Dybala: the indiscretion

Totti had promised it to Dybalato convince him to reach Mourinhobut the colleague replied that no one had ever really looked for him, a Trigoria and surroundings. At this point, there is no obstacle, at least in theory, for the symbol to pass on Pellegrini’s back. He never pretended to be compared to Totti, having a certain conscience, but at the same time he completed the path of football and character maturation to deserve his legacy. How By Bartolomeihow Giannini. They too were Romans, they too were Romans, they too were Ten inside. Lorenzo from Cinecittà fell in love with the same career when he did the ball boy at the Olimpico, with the yellow and red onesie on and an adoring gaze towards Totti, who in a few years would become his teammate. There is a beautiful photo, still around the web, which stops this moment forever. There has never been another possible path for Pellegrini, not because all roads lead to Rome but because all Romanists want to play in Rome. Not surprisingly, when he trained al Sassuologave a mandate to the prosecutors to create the conditions for the return, even giving up more profitable engagements.

Rome-Sassuolo axis, the list of hot negotiations

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Rome-Sassuolo axis, the list of hot negotiations

Rome, Pellegrini and those similarities with Totti

However, this does not mean that Pellegrini is satisfied with sleeping at home or with a rewarding salary, obtained thanks to the recent contract renewal. Pellegrini is a young man who sets constant growth goals. And concrete. The night before final in Tiranawhen an entire population perceived the emotion of a 14-year-old title, they were already thinking about the next steps: «If we win, we will celebrate the cup as it should be. But from the day after we will think about the next challenge, the next trophy “. There Conference League, proudly raised as a captain, was to be just the first stop on a winning tour. Unreservedly supported since first day at Mourinhowho launched in his honor a sentence never pronounced for a footballer (“If I had three Pellegrini, I would let them play all three”), Lorenzo has meanwhile acquired an international visibility which is enriching his image. And the bank account, as confirmed by the agreement made yesterday with a Spanish designer, Paco Rabanne. Accustomed to dividing the fans, who in the not too distant past booed him, Pellegrini was able to unite the team, society and public around him with a crazy season: with 14 goals between league and cup – a fundamental one, in the first leg semifinal against the Leicester – he deserved the role of driver, without losing the sensitivity he suggested, for example, to send a video message to Fabio Ridolfi, the fan who chose to die after 18 years of absurd suffering. In this genuine humanity, as well as for the unconditional love for Rome, Pellegrini is very reminiscent of Totti. No one better than him has acquired the right, and also the obligation, to wear his shirt.

Pellegrini fulfills Fabio's wish: here is the video message

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Pellegrini fulfills Fabio’s wish: here is the video message

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