Rome, not only Isco: Tiago Pinto treats Paredes

A dream called Paredes. The Argentine midfielder had been to Roma when he was very young, only to be sold to Zenit in St. Petersburg together with Manolas, who refused the transfer at the last minute. Since then, it was 2017, Paredes has come a long way and currently is under contract with the PSG. Roma had already contacted him in January, but now that he has decided not to renew the contract, Tiago Pinto is back in charge, being able to take advantage of the economic advantages of the Growth Decree, the effect of which could amortize the engagement of seven million per season which he perceives at PSG, where a process of “deargentinization” is underway. The Parisian club seems intent on getting rid of all Argentines except Messi. Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi are on the starting foot. Di Maria will start at zero, Leandro Paredes’ contract, unlike Di Maria, expires in June 2023 but having not renewed the contract, the PSG would have put his sale in the budget. The midfielder has just returned from A surgery to recover from the groin that knocked him out in early April, but now it is back in good condition. There are some Premier League clubs on him. This year Paredes has only played 22 games, of which fifteen from the start, for a total of 1244 minutes, by the end of the month he will be 28 years old. He can get there for under twenty million. Pinto has already spoken to the player’s entourage, who would return to Rome in a hurry.

Rome, the market comes alive: here is who remains, who leaves and who is in doubt

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Rome, the market comes alive: here is who remains, who leaves and who is in doubt

Rome, alternatives to Paredes

For the role of midfielder among Mourinho’s favorites remain Ruben Neves, Douglas Luiz And Xhaka. They all play in the Premier. The Wolverhampton midfielder costs around 40 million, the Brazilian Aston Villa around 30, the Swiss Arsenal perhaps a little less. It’s always on the CEO’s notebook too Bissouma of Brighton, also in the Premier. In addition to the midfielder, Tiago Pinto is looking for a central defender and an alternative in attack. For the rear the hottest name is always that of Sienese, the Argentine from Feyenoord who didn’t make a bad impression in the Conference League final. For the attack, the most popular name is that of another player from the Mendes team: Gonçalo Guedesleaving Valencia.

Rome, the situation of Isco

In the afternoon, Mkhitaryan informed Rome that he did not accept the updated renewal proposal. The Armenian had long ago chosen Inter. Mourinho loses a holder, who had made a big contribution this season. Tiago Pinto is trying to understand how to get to Iscowho frees himself on a free transfer from Real Madrid, but asks seven million in salary for three years. The player gives priority to Spain for family reasons, but would gladly go to Roma. Contacts have been initiated. The Giallorossi club cannot reach that engagement, a solution is sought. In these hours it was also offered Mario Gotze. The German, despite him having a contract with the PSV until 2024, has a 5 million release clause and wants to have a new adventure. His agent also proposed him to Rome and Milan. The engagement is within the reach of Italian clubs: three million euros. The German went through a dark period due to metabolic health problems and was reborn in the Netherlands. This season he has played 52 games with 12 goals and 11 assists. Benfica likes him too, but he and his wife love Italy. Then there is a right back which may be of interest to: Hector Bellerin, 27, owned by Arsenal (played on loan for Betis Sevilla). Meanwhile Olsen is on his way to Aston Villa outright: 3.5 million will enter the coffers of Rome.

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