Roma, Mourinho: 'Sergio Oliveira? Se è in prestito vado a prenderlo io, altrimenti...'

José Mourinhocoach of the Rome, spoke at a press conference on the sidelines of an event at the University of Lisbon: “I feel like I was at the beginning of my career. If I have changed, it is positive. I feel young and you will have to put up with me for a few more years. I have learned from mistakes and I have adapted to different situations. Many tend to show an image of themselves different from reality, I have never hidden who I am or what I think. The feelings for the final in Tirana? Same as the first final played. The 90 minutes of the final they are the ones where I am more relaxed. How do you prepare? The pressure is a lot, we analyze the opponents well first, we try to lower the pressure trying to put the players in the best possible conditions, with few choices to make on the pitch. I celebrated then like that because now I’m less self-centered, I think more about the happiness of others. I love being in Rome. I don’t like how many times I lose, and there I lose more than elsewhere. I love Rome, however, because they love me and I have a r elation of great empathy with people inside and outside the club. Nobody lied or deceived me or promised many zeros (on the market). I’m there because I like it. “

OLIVEIRA – Mourinho then focuses on the market and the situation of Sergio Oliveirawhose redemption from Port is in the balance (the agreement provided for 13 million, the Capitoline would like a discount of 5-6 million or the renewal of the loan with obligation to redeem upon reaching a certain number of presences): “If they want to lend it to us, I’ll go to personally take to Madrid where I know he was celebrating his 30th birthday. If it comes to buying it, I don’t know if my credit card allows it … It was very important, we share many principles on how to work in football and it has helped me to convey this message. It was an example of what we needed. I would love it if you stay, but we’ll see. ”

REALISM ON THE MARKET – Still on the market, Mourinho knows that he will be in Rome conditional on the budget “It was much easier when, for example, I was at Chelsea. I snapped my fingers and the next day the player was there. But this situation is interesting, it’s good, it also helps us to think not only about the finished product, but also about the product. that is about to be finished and to invest in it. It’s nice to take 18-year-olds who were in the Spring a few months ago and who, after a few months, play a European final and are called up for the national team. It’s gratifying. That’s why I say mine career is long, long, long and is full of different experiences. This club profile and this project profile enrich my experiences. “

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