Rome, Matic leader: substance and charisma

From the Serbia (via Manchester) with love. Licensed to kill. Nemanja Matic says he is charmed by Rome and of Rome. Will Rome be charmed by Matic? The conditions are all there. On social networks the juxtaposition between the pupil of Mourinho And James Bond. More Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnanto be honest, that Sean Connery or Daniel Craig. Same statuary charm. Same manly elegance. An actor of Hollywood just passed by Oscar night, with the figurine still warm in the suitcase. A Gary Cooper contemporary, smoking gun well camouflaged in the holster, the Armani pocket rather than the spur from filthy Westbetween a Michael Keaton with thirty years younger and a few more hairs, version Batmanit’s a Lord Byron gymnast.

Ciampino Airport is specializing in glamorous appearances. A year ago José Mourinho, now this perticone of almost two meters rained from the sky. In terms of Giallorossi appeal, the landing of Matic is not second to those of Falcao and of Dzeko. More ephebic the attractiveness of Paolo Robertomore introverted than that of Edin, wrapped in obvious shyness. Nemanja has the non-waning ease of someone who has always been in Rome. Needless to say, the flaming color of the Roma shirt suits him from God. Not very different from that of Manchester. With that 21 behind that, in the Neapolitan grimace, is the number of naked and pure beauty. José Mourinho, mind you, chose him for his footballing qualities and character and not because he looks like James Bond. Beware, however, that the satanass of Setubal he knows well, starting from himself, of how much the charisma is a subliminal message that creeps into the veins of the world. Whether they are referees, journalists, opponents, but above all comrades. Next to Nemanja also Tiago Pinto It seemed Delon in the official photo. Fans and Giallorossi fans already imagine him coming out of that tunnel at the Olimpicoshortly thereafter, he together with Smalling, Zaniolo, Abraham, Mancini, Ibañez, Rui Pinto, Cristante, Spinazzola, a parade of cristons to be frightening. The point is to identify the substance under the guise, and Nemanja has a lot of substance. He doesn’t need the Rolex Submariner on the wrist or stockings of thread Scotland. The attractiveness is not enough to turn a half sock into a haute couture sock. Big, big and handsome, but the innate stuff of a leader. Who otherwise could be an exhibition cuirassier in some barracks in the world. And instead he will play football and will be so hungry to win, in the service of his majesty José and to the delight of the Romanist people.

Rome, Matic has signed: he will wear the number 21 shirt

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Rome, Matic has signed: he will wear the number 21 shirt

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