Rome, closure is near for Frattesi

ROME – After Matic, Frattesi. Tiago Pinto wants to close for the Sassuolo blue, busy last night with the national team in Germany. With the Emilian club the dialogue has been running for some time, Carnivals he would like to include Volpato and Bove in the operation. There family Frattesi pushes for this solution. Romanist mother, Lazio father, everyone hopes for this return. Even for Davide it is almost one revengeafter having been sick at the time for not having been redeemed by Rome.

Frattesi grew up in Rome

Davide grew up in yellow and red youth sector, after having taken the first steps in that of Lazio. TO Sassuolo it has improved a lot, it has reached the Nationalit also ended up in the viewfinder ofInter, which at this moment cannot however allocate resources for this operation. Instead, watch out forAtletico Madrid, willing to pay the thirty million that Sassuolo wants, interested in extending the auction to other clubs. Progress in the negotiations with Roma should already be recorded this week. Frattesi, 23, will have a contract of two million net per season plus bonuses. In Emilia he earns 700,000 euros. The player is on thorns, hopes this situation will be resolved quickly. It will be a deal thirty million, even if for Roma it will be an outlay of about fifteen million, considering that it holds 30 percent of the resale, according to a clause that was inserted at the time of the sale. Frattesi would be the third case of a player who grew up in nursery that Roma reacquires after losing him outright. It happened previously with Florenzi And Pilgrims.

Young people

In any case, young people will be included in the negotiation. Not Bove, which Mourinho considers non-transferable and absolutely wants to keep in pink. Edoardo has a contract until 2025 and in terms of characteristics he resembles Frattesi. He could go to Emilia Volpato and one between Tripi And Felix.

The expectation of Frattesi’s mother

Davide looks a lot like the motherSonia Galdo, who in these days is a Modenawhere the son lives in an apartment with Scamacca, his best friend. There mother is Romanistthe fatherPaul, Lazio. Signora Sonia is waiting for news: «Unfortunately, I still don’t know anything; I read that Davide would have said yes, but now he is in the national team, he cannot have distractions. If he came back I would be very happy. For him, who cares so much and for me who, having two other younger children, I would see several problems solved. Hope to know something for sure soon. If Davide were to return to the Giallorossi jersey it would be a great satisfaction, he has always had the wish to go back to where he grew up. He had appeared at a very young age in the first team, when the coach was Spalletti. David he had time to understand that Rome is a difficult square, there are many friends. In Modena everything is different, less distractions. But Davide knows what he means, he has shown since he was a child that he is a professional scrupulous. For sure, playing in this team that has returned to winning a trophy after so many years would be a dream for him ».

Other contacts with Sassuolo

The boy from Fidene can’t wait and waits for the Azzurri retreat communications. With Sassuolo, discussions for Berardi also remain open (only in the case of the sale of Zaniolo and Traorè). Berardi it would complete a midfield that with the arrival of Matic gains experience and centimeters. Mourinho wants a stronger Rome, i Friedkin they will do everything to please him.

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