Rome, a future to be written for Volpato

ROME- A season dream for Cristian Volpatothe first in the Spring of the Rome and certainly the last one too. Why thestriker Italian-Australian has really convinced everyone for his qualities and adaptability to Italian football, and after the recent exploit it will be difficult for him to train with the boys of the new coach Guidi. The eighteen years old born in Camperdown, he took the stage after a year of stop Covid and one of the ranks in the under 18. He presented himself immediately without fear, taking the number 10 shirt, the one that belonged to the first team Totti. And the former Giallorossi captain, together with his partner Giovanni De Montis, immediately saw all the potential di Volpato enough to take him to his stable three months after his landing in Italy. In the season that has just ended, the attacking midfielder has always made the difference in the Primavera: 28 appearances, 11 goals and 4 assists. Not bad for an 18-year-old in his first year among the older boys.

Volpato and the goal at the Olimpico

But the real one Cherry on the cake was the competition against the Verona toOlympic of 12 February. Veneti ahead of two goals, in the 62nd minute Mourinho he decides to throw Volpato into the fray who responds as best he could. Three minutes later, here’s hers left dry inside the penalty area, the ball that enters the goal, lo stage exploding and he hinting at the exultation. The more young Serie A scorer of the season he wanted to celebrate the goal with the whole Olimpico, go under the South curve and cheering with his teammates, but after a second he changed his mind and ran towards the midfield to immediately put the ball back into play to look for a draw, then arrived with Bove. Head on the shoulders.

Volpato-Bove dream: an emergency Roma comeback 2 goals against Verona

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Volpato-Bove dream: an emergency Roma comeback 2 goals against Verona

The national team

An unforgettable day that gave the boy even more thrust to continue in the best possible way a season which ended without the title in the Primavera but with the satisfaction of having entered the list of 24 Under 19 national team which will be involved in the European Championship in Slovakia from 18 June. Today she will leave with Faticanti for Novarello, home of the mini blue retreat, with the aim of convincing coach Nunziata to keep him among the twenty called up who will participate in the European adventure. In short, this will be a non-stop summer for Volpato who will not have time for the holidays but only to play and work hard.

First the retirement with Mourinho then the future

Why a July will be called to Trigoria for the gathering of the first teamwill work with the greats and will leave for the retreat in Portugal with Mourinho what he wants view it. His future has not yet been decided, De Montis awaits a call from Roma to decide the best solution for the boy: whether to keep him in the Special One squad – to grow as he did Bove – or whether to sell him on loan to some A or B club. Having said that Sassuolo is always very attentive to young Giallorossi talents, in the cadet series Bari, Ascoli and Ternana have expressed interest in Volpato. There Rome and theentourage they will take one decisionat the same time they will also discuss the renewal of the contract expiring in 2024. Certainly for Volpato it will be another exciting season, the beginning of his true adventure as a professional.

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