Romagnoli waits but Lazio risks so

ROME – It’s known history. The waiting room of Lotito it is exhausting, it is a timeless place. The last to have had access to it were Romagnoli and his managers, still waiting for the president to come back. Romagnoli has declared himself, he has spent himself to marry her Lazio, granted a discount on the salary (from 3.3 million to 3 million). Lotito went to meet him as much as possible, according to what he transpires from Formellodespite the fact that he believed (and believes) that the money offered by Lazio not even the Milan he proposed them to him. Romagnoli does not turn away, he continues to hope to play for Lazio, but time passes, he has no shortage of offers and it is normal for him to listen to everyone as they are due to expire in a few weeks. With Milan the separation is approaching despite the settlement of RedBird, new owner. There are no signs of approaching, at least for now. Nobody feels they can exclude the insertion of the Juve, which never revealed itself. And surprisingly, the interest of the Monzaof the couple Berlusconi-Galliani. Romagnoli is 27 years old, he wants to continue playing at high levels and in Europe. Waiver of Champions for Lazio, love of a lifetime. Although Monza has different ambitions than a simple newly promoted one, the defender’s intention is to choose a more renowned destination. The reflections continue.

Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

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Lazio, the market moves: who stays and who goes away

Lazio, the precedents

With Lazio, after the last meeting dated 18 May, there were only telephone contacts, then silence fell. Romagnoli was waiting for the raise announced by Lotito, for more than 2.5 million. Perhaps an agreement can be found halfway, around the 2.7-2.8 million. It shudders Sarri, the fans quiver. Romagnoli has become a soap opera. It is not just a question related to the engagement, also the exit of Unripe. The defender reiterated his willingness to leave, waiting for a signal from the big players North. Let’s talk about the Juve and Inzaghi considers it among the options for defense, primarily for the after-sticks. Romagnoli is a zero parameter, at any moment he can place himself, this is the risk that Lazio runs, accustomed to setting up interlocking markets.

Lazio, Casale and Chust market

Lotito and Tare they placed the shot Marcos Antoniois coming to Romeis the new play, will take the place of She goes. June is always a smoky month, it almost never generated repetitive hits. Lotito is struggling with the deficit of the liquidity indicator, it takes about 5 million to cover it and enroll Lazio in the championship. Enrollment has never been in doubt and will not be, but the president expects the College of Guarantee expresses its opinion on the appeal presented by League of A. Only later, perhaps around 18-19 June (time limit 22), will you decide how to move. He has two options: one by paying the money collected with a possible sale (of Vavro or Escalante), another by paying the money from his own pocket, as happened last August (3.9 million euros). The latter hypothesis seems the most realistic. Lotito has given a mandate to diesse Tare to sell, in the meantime there is a need to buy. For the defense they remain in the running Casale del Verona And Chust of Real Madrid, the shots will be at least two. It is a rebus left wing: from Formello there are rumors that a under 25 if Hysaj will leave. Sarri on the other hand (and it is credible) would insist on having a first-rate purchase, he had indicated Emerson or Parisi. Yesterday, for the left wing, the name of Nico Schulz of Borussia Dortmund, 29 years old, 1.81 in height, has Italian origins. He was born in Germany from an Ischian father and a German mother. It is due to expire in 2024.

Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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Lazio, disposals are needed to fix the liquidity index

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