La Roma ridisegna l'attacco: le carte per Guedes e il sogno Reinier, le ultime

Matic it was the first step, but not the last one Rome who continues to plan the right moves to retouch the squad available to Mourinho. Not only in midfield, because Tiago Pinto’s maneuvers also concern the attack where he tries to get new quality players to work alongside Abraham. Also in function of a Nicolò Zaniolo about whose future there is always great uncertainty. Self Ola Solbakken it is a deal that can be postponed to December, upon the natural expiry of the contract with Bodo / Glimt which does not give up on its financial demands, and Domenico Berardi is a profile closely linked (also for costs) to the exit of Zaniolo, two other names remain on the notebook of the Giallorossi management.

GUEDES – The first is Gonçalo Guedesa complicated dream for the figures of the eventual transaction between tag (the Valencia he paid 40 million from PSG) and salary (over 5 million received at the moment), but not completely over. On the other hand, the Portuguese himself recently admitted that he is not sure of his stay in Spain: “I don’t know at the moment if I want to stay at Valencia. I have a contract for another two years and I have to stick to it. If there is a better situation for Valencia and for me, we have to think about it. But the future will tell everything. “A complicated affair, but Roma could have some tricks up their sleeves to play in the match, for example inserting some counterparts techniques to lower the price tag: two main candidates, Ebrima Darboe and especially, Amadou Diawarawhich had already toyed with the Valencia hypothesis in January and can now re-enter orbit with Gattuso.

REINIER – Then there is another hypothesis that has taken off in the last few hours, that of betting on Reinier. The Brazilian born in 2002 has returned to real Madrid after two complicated seasons on loan to the Borussia Dortmund and now it is looking for a new place to relaunch. The same ambition of the blancos, therefore willing to let him go on loan with the right of redemption. Roma thinks about it, it is a low-figure bet that can give ample results, but to give the assault to Reinier it is necessary to make room and for this we work on the exit of one of Stephan El Shaarawy and, above all, Carles Perez: Monza and Atalanta like the former, but Roma would prefer to settle the Spaniard for this Tiago Pinto and his agent are looking for accommodation.

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