La Roma si rifà la trequarti: addio a Mkhitaryan e Zaniolo, il mercato si finanzia così

There Rome 2022/23 will completely change its face because José Mourinho has conquered, on the pitch, the possibility of obtaining an important market that satisfies his technical and tactical needs 100%. Obviously, the economic-financial horizon of the Giallorossi present has not changed since the Friedkin (who are continuing to pay money to the balance sheet and invest in the company also through the takeover bid on the stock market) there will be no budget for spending sprees. For this reason, sales will also be needed to finance the incoming market and in particular it is through two goodbyes that the company is planning to plan incoming operations.

MKHITARYAN AND ZANIOLO- The first goodbye is in fact announced and although it will not bring a collection at an economic level since it will be on a free transfer, it will allow Rome to be able to take advantage of new space in the salary pool. It is about Henrik Mkhitaryan who has already chosen to marry Inter and who actually frees 3.5 million euros net, about 5.25 million euros gross given that at the time of his arrival in Italy he took advantage of the advantages of growth decree. The second farewell has not yet taken place, but the negotiation for the renewal of the contract of Nicolò Zaniolo expiring on 30 June 2024 requires an important reflection on the Giallorossi: this is in fact the last summer in which the Giallorossi club can manage to scrape together very important figures from his farewell without risking losing it on a free transfer. The Milan and the Juventus remain alive on him and a collection of at least 45/50 million (also taking into account the 15% to be guaranteed to Inter) is a figure that would give ample room for maneuver.

TREQUARTI TO REDEF – 5.25 for the Armenian, 5 gross for the Italian for salaries, plus about 40 million in revenue as a budget, Rome will have to start over from these data to refinance the market and redo the trocar. Yes, because if two players of this caliber come out, as many will have to enter. Roma are looking for imagination and goals in the legs on the market, not necessarily from a 10, but also from a second striker who can join Tammy Abraham. For this reason, the possibilities under consideration by Tiago Pinto are different and lead to both well-known names such as Iscoan authentic offensive wildcard who has released himself from Real Madrid (cost tag 0, high salary but with the advantages of the growth decree), or to Mario Gotze which can leave the PSV with limited figures (cost tag 5 million clause and lower wage than that of Zaniolo with the advantages of the growth decree). The alternative is Colon’s 2002 class promise Facundo Farias (cost tag of at least 12 million but incredibly low engagement), while the dream, perhaps prohibitive for the figures, remains Goncalo Guedes, class of ’96 that Mendes wants to move from Valencia (the 2023 deadline can help, but he earns 5.2 million a year and was paid 40 million by PSG). Ideas and projects to redo the trocar. Roma thus finances its market.

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