Roberto Cominetti, a man from Bergamo for Bergamo

BERGAMO-Mister Promotion? No doubt. Double MVP of the Italian Cup and play-off? Established. One of the best hitter of the season? Lapalissian. With Reggio Emilia, he was one of the architects of a sensational “double” by stopping the dreams of Agnelli Tipiesse. Now in rossoblù he wants to “give back” what he has “taken” from his beloved city of him. At the age of 25 Roberto Cominetti (190 cm) returns to embrace that Bergamo with which he took his first steps and which would then have seen him begin his journey from Monza at a very young age. The value of him is there for all to see, the weight and significance of the market coup scored by the Orobic leadership need no further comment. Because it is a circle that closes. And a family story that can finally continue in the footsteps of father Luciano, first player and then coach of Sav and Olimpia. From father to son. It looks like a novel, it is the splendid reality.



«Playing with the shirt and the colors of my city with the precise aim of bringing them to the top is a huge stimulus. In Bergamo I lived my childhood, I want my present and my future even outside the field to be here. Then playing in front of my family and many friends will be one more reason, a further charge ».


«Already last season the opportunity presented itself. But I needed that continuity that I found in Reggio Emilia. But now I feel ready and very motivated. So as soon as I received the proposal I didn’t want to hear anything else. Such an opportunity could not be missed. The time is right. I have reached maturity on a physical, technical and mental level ».


«A decidedly formative experience. When I arrived I was not ready, I felt the pressure. Instead, gradually, I grew up within a team made up of guys who were used to winning and who had been bought to keep doing it. From them I took all the possible experience, which proved to be decisive for my path ».


«I needed to play, I found the field, the continuity of employment and performance. Reggio gave me the freedom to express myself, without those pressures that we then rightly created for ourselves along the way to the sound of results. Also because under pressure I feel quite at ease and the quality of my performance benefits. Upon returning from Covid, the knockout with Bergamo at PalaBursi triggered something in us. The fourth partial lost to the advantages was the spark to make us understand that, once we found the form, we could overcome any opponent. And so it was. We have written a page of history that must be a lesson for the entire volleyball movement, not just for the A2. The extra weapon was the tranquility. But also knowing how to put the strength of relaxed nerves on the taraflex. Because when you went below 5-6 points, you never lost the compass. We waited patiently for the moment to get back on track and overtake. It is the same recipe that I want to bring to Bergamo because it is a decisive status for doing great things ».

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