Riccardo Trevisani: "Mario Strikers Battle League Football like the 2006 final"

Riccardo Trevisani needs no introduction when it comes to football commentary. But he too needed a moment to understand what was happening when Nintendo hired him to comment on a Strike matchthe extreme sport similar to football starring in the new Super Mario video game: Mario Strikers Battle League Football. “Normally on football I am very knowledgeable and prepared, here I had to learn a lot between objects, hyperthiria and all the oddities of Mario’s world. – he said -. I experienced a different thing and I felt the enthusiasm of the players “.


In Strike, physically attacking one’s opponents is not only allowed, it is encouraged. There are tackles, attacks that would make the most permissive of referees pass out and enhanced shots so strong that they leave the goalkeeper lying on the ground. “Mario Strikers is wonderfully hypnotic, because keeps you glued to the screen with things that would never exist in normal football – continues Trevisani -. P.you can knock out your opponent in a mixture of football and battle never seen before “. What’s more, Nintendo has designed the game in such a way as to encourage the formation of amateur teams that, training after training and tournament after tournament, manage to make their way up to compete in real export championships.

Caster also in video games?

When we asked Trevisani if ​​he could ever play the caster for Battle League Football he said: “I would love to! From the first moment I had the feeling of being in front of an eSport: there is the technical level, the team composition and the spectacularity. Strikers is revolutionary and football teams who want to look forward can take it as an example for their competitive portfolio “. The Battle League Football style of play also awakened memories of an unforgettable night from 16 years ago in the commentator: “We have always been very skilled on the defensive phase and to put it on the physical. In Strikers this aspect is very important and, as in the 2006 World Cup final, Italian players win with physicality, mind and experience. Being a spacious court you can set up many strategies so there is a way to unleash the more bodily and aggressive characteristics. We are skilled when we have to fight “.

The perfect recipe between sport and esport

Lots of action, team play, “the chaos you expect from the Mushroom Kingdom” and healthy competition: Mario Strikers Battle League Football seems to have the perfect recipe to bring together Sport and export, also inspired by a tradition of our past: “My first thought when I saw him played? Florentine football. That’s the first thing I thought about when I was commenting!”

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