Reggio Emilia renounces the Superlega

This was announced by the Giallorossi club in a note shared with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.

Excluding Modena for territorial reasons, the obstacles of the building that is too low and the costs too high for a temporary structure remain.

Next year it will therefore be A2 again after the promotion won on the field by the boys of Mastrangelo.


It would be a shame to throw away what has been done so far, but unfortunately it does not depend only on us. Economically we can do it, I guarantee, but the structure is missing. In the province there is not one suitable for the Super League and at Bigi you cannot even play in derogation: on the other hand it is clear that we do not go out, we are rooted here and here we stay“.


1.Impossible waiver– Obtain from Lega Volley an exemption for the use of the Palazzetto dello Sport in via Guasco, the PalaBigi, of which the construction site for the second lot of integral redevelopment is in the final phase. The works involved the infrastructures, the systems, the false ceiling, the pitch, the changing rooms, the gyms, the toilets, the windows and the lighting.

The critical point is the height of the false ceiling: at the end of the works a distance from the playing surface would be guaranteed half over 8 meters and the other half at 9 meters.

Only half of the field would thus meet the standards of the SuperLeague.

Standard fully satisfied instead for the capacity (4,450 places available). The Coni, however, declared that the height limit of nine meters cannot be waived, thus excluding the possibility of competing in the SuperLega at PalaBigi.

The possibilities of raising the roof of the hall or lowering the playing surface by one meter are impractical. The technicians considered them unworkable both in terms of the overall structure of the building and safety.

2. No to Modena– The two sides have considered asking for hospitality beyond Secchia. The Reggio club, however, said no for two reasons: rooted in the territory and high organizational efforts, considered remarkable with the transfer to Rubiera

3. No to the tensile structure– The Municipality and the company have therefore evaluated a temporary structure to host the internal tenders. The estimates have made the two parties desist: based on various estimates, the cost would be around two million euros.

Without forgetting various unknowns, including the delivery times of materials and other supplies.

Conad Volley Tricolore thus decides to take a step back and restart from Serie A2 and from PalaBigi, once retrained for next season.

Finally, the two parties relaunch the project for the House of Volleyball.

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