Ranieri promuove Fiorentina e Roma: 'Viola protagonisti di un gran campionato. La Conference è una coppa vera'

Today the former coach of Fiorentina And Rome Claudio Ranieri was present in Florence to deliver the Rialti Award, in honor of a historic Florentine journalist, to the winner of the first edition. On the sidelines of the award ceremony, the technician was able to analyze some issues: from the situation of Vincenzo Italiano to that of the Italian national team, also passing from Rome by Josè Mourinho. These are his words:

“I’m very excited to be here, Sandro is in my heart. I spent four beautiful years in Florence with me. Pleasantly I called him ‘my trichecone’ and I am happy that you remember him with this ceremony in front of the tree dedicated to Ciccio. The press gallery dedicated to Rialti? I join in this appeal, indeed I thought it had already been made. It’s a great thing for football in Florence. I had a friendly relationship with him. The Fiorentina of Italian? The last of the Viola seemed to me to be an excellent championship. The Florentine fans are very happy with him, like the president and all of the rest. I hope that it can open a cycle and that it goes beyond what I did in Florence. The city and the fans deserve it. ”

He then analyzed the particular moment of the Italian National from Roberto Mancini: “I had a very good impression. Mancini, in addition to having done a great job with the European Championship, is also doing a great job of rebuilding. Congratulations to him. The coach has always tried to field the strongest team without looking age or earnings of individuals. He wants to win like all the other coaches, it is also logical that you can make mistakes. There are players who have given so much to Italy but now there will be young people who are slowly emerging thanks to his work to the watchful eye of the experts. As in all teams, you need the right mix “.

Finally he also spoke of the triumph of the Rome in Conference League and of del Milan from Pegs in the league: “I am happy when an Italian team wins abroad because it is always important to raise Italian football. They are real cups and then you have to win them. First you take them and then you say what you want, because we are a democratic people. If someone is not happy it is normal, it is part of the game. Pioli always says he’s inspired by her, if he’s catching up with me? It passed me. Stefano was a great player for me in Florence, he has given me a lot and is giving a lot to Italian football. He has never given up and he is making Milan play really well. ”

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