Rally Alba
Rally Alba

Alba (Cuneo), 11 June 2022 – More international, more exciting and even greener: the sixteenth edition of the Rally di Alba, organized by the Cinzano Rally Team, scheduled for 24 and 25 June will be valid as a test of the Absolute Italian Rally-Sparco & CRZ Championship (1st zone) , but will also have two international titles as evidence of the Tour European Rally (TER) and the Swiss Championship.

The organizers also wanted to relaunch on the environmental level, promoting for the second consecutive year the Green Tires project, created in collaboration with the ERICA Cooperative of Alba, national leader in environmental communication and design. The aim of the project is the safeguarding of the UNESCO heritage represented by the Langhe thanks to some concrete actions and the active involvement of the public, which will once again be the festive setting for an increasingly important event for the territory.

Compared to a first edition somewhat conditioned by the limitations due to the pandemic, Green Tires has foreseen a significant increase in the interventions planned for the race weekend, starting with the setting up of the eco-islands dedicated to the separate collection of materials, which will be 20 and will be suitably signaled by sails and manned by volunteers. The eco-islands will be located in some strategic points of the city center of Alba and along the route:

– Piazza Medford, Piazza Sarti and Piazza Prunotto (race direction and service parks)
– Piazza S. Paolo (official arrival and awards ceremony)
– Santo Stefano Belbo (shakedown)
– San Grato (special stage)
– Cossano (special stage)
– Roddino (special stage)
– Bossolasco (special stage)

New in this edition will be the personal kit for waste collection: in some of the places where the eco-islands will be present, a station equipped with a gazebo with dedicated graphics will also be installed with staff who will distribute the kit to the pilots and the public, an important tool above all. for those who will attend roadside tests in areas without any control and adequate equipment for waste collection. The kit will consist of an eco-bag in canvas containing three semi-transparent bags, some communication material that will inform you on how to make a good separate collection in Italian and English and a handy cigarette holder.

The Alba Rally will also be the first automotive event in the world to have a hybrid car with the role of eco-broom, which will supervise and protect the territory affected by the special tests. At the end of each special test, the eco-broom will follow the official Scopa with the aim of collecting any waste left on the ground by the public and in case of more critical areas that require the intervention of professional collection teams, identify them and georeference them.

Finally, given the large participation of teams and the public, thanks to the Green Tires project, the organizers decided to guarantee the supply of compostable tableware to all the stands used for preparing hot meals in the assistance park in Piazza Medford, Piazza Sarti. and piazza Prunotto. A choice that derives from the great attention not only to separate waste collection but also to the choice of using more sustainable materials that have a lower environmental impact throughout the product’s life cycle. And also this year, thanks to the collaboration with the organizers, the emissions produced during the two days will be partially compensated by the planting of truffle plants.

“Our commitment as ERICA is to offer our contribution to make events sustainable and over the years we have collaborated with events such as the Giro d’Italia, the Jova Beach party and the Tor des Geants – underlines Luigi Bosio, President of the Cooperative HEATHER-. For this reason we are happy to be able to collaborate with an important event that is organized in our city Alba, for the second consecutive year and finally with the public that I am sure will participate in large numbers. This is why we wanted to relaunch the project with even more actions, a greater number of eco-islands, the involvement of pilots and spectators, the experimentation of the ecoscope and the compensation of emissions. All actions that represent that virtuous path that the Alba Rally has undertaken and of which we are proud to be part of “.

Bruno Montanaro, President of the Cinzano Rally Team: “It is a pleasure for the Association I represent to be able to support our event with a strongly desired project, which allows us to make our event compatible and green”.


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