Rome, Mourinho's list: all the market objectives

The smiling photo on vacation with @fedexchiesa, Instagram oblige, has already become a very popular story on the social profile of @ NZ22, relaunched by many Juventus fans. On the other hand, the market at the time of social media is also made up of clues, winks, more or less subliminal messages that fuel conjectures, dreams, questions. The most common, in this initial phase of the market, consists of three words: quo vadis Zaniolo?

Rome, Mourinho's list: all the market objectives

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Rome, Mourinho’s list: all the market objectives

Roma and Totti

The stalemate of the negotiation for the extension of the contractexpiring in 2024, multiplies the interest around the forward of the Rome and of National who will turn 23 on 2 July and is aware of being at a crucial career crossroads. He signed the historic goal of the final in Tirana, has relaunched in the capital, staying or leaving will ultimately depend solely on him. Zaniolo is certainly also reflecting on words of Totti concerning him, pronounced by Captain in front of Sky Sport cameras: “Some time ago I talked to Nicolò and gave him some advice, but I don’t know if he understood it or not. The last word is always up to him: if he were to stay at Roma he would understand the importance of this shirt and would honor the fans. This year they did something different and I would give all the respect towards the fans. ” Here is the point and there is no need to bother Pascal to understand if Zaniolo’s heart has its reasons that reason does not know.

Zaniolo, Maldini, Dybala: Totti's messages

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Zaniolo, Maldini, Dybala: Totti’s messages

Juve and Di Maria

In these hours, the Romanist’s destiny intertwines with Angel Di Mariafrom which the Juve wait for a definitive answer: either in or out; either he says yes or he says no, as long as he says, after days of back and forth. It is clear that if the Argentine accepts the Juventus proposal, Juve could also revise their interest in Zaniolo, valued by Rome at around 50 milliontaking into account how much Cherubs is working on the slope Koulibaly which costs at least 40 million. And Juve cannot afford to spend and spread in Rome and in Naples.

Rome, the transfers for the treasury: this is the point of all departures

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Rome, the transfers for the treasury: this is the point of all departures

AC Milan and Cardinal

They also look to Zaniolo the champions of Italy. Maldini and Massaraawaiting the renewal of their contract which will expire on June 30, are still working hard: operations confirm this Origin, Renato Sanches and pressing on Botmanflattered by the pounds of the Newcastlebut eager to leave LIlle for Milan. For Botman, as for Zaniolo, everything depends on the spending margins dictated by Gerry Cardinal. Time is running out, even though the market will officially open on July 1st. However, never more than this year will the winner be whoever arrives first on the goal. Especially when it comes to Zaniolo.

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