Put the national team back at the center

In the deepest crises we must hit rock bottom for save himself. L’Italythat the bottom has touched him with theArgentinacannot be said to have been saved from equals with the Germany. But there is something woke up in this team, coinciding with the return of Mancini to the methodological courage with which, fifty games ago, he appeared on the blue stage. The same courage abandoned after the Wembley triumph, almost in homage to a group that deserves the grateful memory of all fans Italians, but which is already a page of history. The future is for Spain the Gavi, who at seventeen has already made seven appearances in the national team, and for Italy the Gnontowho made his debut at the age of eighteen propitiating the goal of Pilgrims with an insightful assist, but above all fighting with the determination and numbers of predestined. In the delay of occasions that divides Gnonto from Gavi, the gap between the blues exiled from Qatar and the red furies aiming to win the World Cup.

But to attribute the responsibility for this gap to Mancini would be ungenerous. Because, while becoming familiar with Roja, Gavi had the opportunity to play with Barcelona 31 games in the La Liga and 11 in the Champions League. For the young Ivorian born in Verbania, running in Zurich, after the closed doors of Inter, was a decidedly more modest experience. With his debut against Germany our wiry coach sent a loud and clear message to the ruling class of club football: let the youngsters play!

After that it is clear that for Mancini the challenge with Messi closed a chapter of his professional adventure. The trust accorded to the Wembley group to the point of martyrdom sounds like a tribute of gratitude by the coach to his boys, with whom he built a small sporting epic in a decade in which Italy did not shine internationally. Maybe Mancini could have followed the Advice that the dying emperor Hadrian gives to his disciple in the masterpiece of Margherite Yourcenar, namely: have the courage to unload your precious allies a moment before they become heavy ballast for you. The coach hasn’t heard of it, and this is it now history. But it is also true that, even if she had wanted to change everything and before, he would not have had a great choice.

Rather than complainnow you have to watch come on, hoping to have new bow arrows. Gnonto is certainly one of these, and he proved it in thirty exemplary minutes. But net ofgamble which sounds almost natural when you have nothing more to lose, having already lost all that is lost, it is necessary that the courage from Mancini is supported by a sports policy exactly opposite to that which Italian football has pursued up to now. Lastly with the embarrassing example of the two LazioZaccagni and Lazzari, who left the retreat due to an unfathomable injury.

Either the National team returns to the center of the strategic project of the entire sporting movement, or an insurmountable gap opens up between the bell towers of Serie A and the podium of major international competitions. At that point we can also sing it and play it in the garden of the house, imagining that the challenge of the Milanese for the Scudetto is theevent most important in the world. Except to discover that elsewhere they not only play better than us, but rather play something that looks like another sport, unattainable for us.

Remember these concepts on the day the National yes awakens and it scares the strongest Germany is not only useful, but a duty. Because the temptation to subscribe to the miracle is for us a vice that is difficult to eradicate. Frattesi, Scamacca, Tonali, Pellegrini, Bastoni, and then again Barella and Raspadori are reasons for hope. But to rebuild anhegemony it is necessary to have, within two years, three or four times the number of talents already tested for competitions that count, with a number of national and international matches behind them, without which a fool like the one suffered with Argentina before or then it happens again. Better suffer than to console oneself on illusions.

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