Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala

Purchases Inter, Dybala has virtually signed. After the Milanese blitz of agent Jorge Antun, all agreements have been reached. It is a question of filing down some details and today there will be another meeting with the Inter management. The Argentine champion is a Nerazzurri player. All that is missing is the signature to be affixed to the contract that will bind the Joya at the Milanese club for the next few years. The footballer is on vacation in America (Florida ed), is in constant contact with his agent and above all with his compatriots in pink (Correa, Martinez). In the meantime, on social media, he mounts the disappointment of the Juventus supporters who see the imminent transfer as a real “betrayal”. To counteract the disappointment of the Juventus fans, the joy of the Inter fans, aware of the class and talent of the newcomer.

Purchases Inter, Dybala has virtually signed. All the details of the agreement between Dybala and Marotta

The architect of this market operation was the managing director Marotta, linked to Dybala since the time of the common militancy under the Juventus flag. A real bargain for Inter, which acquires the champion on a free transfer from eternal rivals and above all adds quality to the Nerazzurri’s offensive department. The idea of ​​an attack formed by Dybala, Martinez and Lukaku makes the Inter square dream. The new purchase spoke on the phone with Inzaghi, who explained to him how he intends to use it. When he returns from vacation, the striker will sign a four-year contract for 6.5 million euros, plus bonuses for goals. And he will start a new chapter in his career.

Purchases Inter, Dybala has virtually signed. The reasons for the choice, the no to other teams

On the table of agent Jorge Antun, there was not only the Inter proposal. Indeed, the player was in great demand and could choose much more profitable options. But the desire to stay in Italy and above all in the football that matters to him prevailed, putting aside proposals received from the Arab Emirates, from the American Major League Soccer and from Chinese companies. In Europe, teams such as Tottenham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and Marseille had made advances. Especially the last two clubs, pushed by the Argentine coaches Simeone and Sampaoli, in recent days had tried to break the “promise of marriage” between Dybala and Inter, without succeeding.


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