Il PSG liquida Pochettino con 15 milioni: Galtier è il nome di Campos, mentre Zidane è un 'giallo'
The turning point on the Paris Saint-Germain bench is getting closer and closer. Despite the repeated allegations of loyalty issued in recent weeks, Mauricio Pochettino is fully aware that the new course that will be inaugurated by the newly appointed technical director Luis Campos does not include his permanence and provide for the choice of a coach with different tactical and human characteristics. And so, second RMC Sport, in the last few hours, informal communication has been made to the Argentine coach who will be relieved of his post despite his contract expiring in June 2023. A move that will force the owners of PSG to put their hands in their wallets and pay the penalty of 15 million euros provided for in the agreement stipulated between the parties.

THE GALTIER IDEA – Only official status is missing, but in the meantime the race for Pochettino’s succession is already going crazy and risks immediately testing the relationship between the Qatari royal family and the Portuguese manager, designated as plenipotentiary on the market after Leonardo’s departure. Campos is very tempted by the idea of ​​re-proposing in Paris that combination completed by Christophe Galtier who in Lille only resisted until December 2020 – when the former decided to leave – but which proved to be a winner in the choice. A not-so-good coach, however, fresh from a fluctuating and unsatisfactory season as a whole at the helm of Nice and all to be measured in a large square. Especially in the management with the many stars inside the Parisian dressing room, minimum common denominator of Pochettino’s experiences and of those who sat on that bench before him.

YELLOW ZIDANE – Also for this reason, the ownership of the club has worked and is continuing to work in these hours on a completely different profile, of very high international importance, such as that of Zinedine Zidane. An icon of French football at world level, but also a coach who in Madrid has shown several times how to win in Europe by managing to safeguard the balance of a group full of stars of the first magnitude. A courtship that the sheikhs of Qatar have been carrying on for several months now and that in recent days has entered its hottest phase, generating discordant versions as well. On the one hand, the main transalpine newspapers have almost given up on the agreement with the former Juventus champion, on the other hand his historic manager Alain Migliaccio has denied any kind of indiscretion: “All these rumors circulating are unfounded. Neither Zidane nor I have been contacted directly by the PSG owner. I’m not even sure he’s really interested in the arrival of Zinedine Zidane. “While waiting to understand where the truth lies, PSG has already made its decision: Pochettino is on the way to farewell.

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