'Pogmentary', gli interventi di Raiola: 'Vorrei Pogba al PSG, sarebbe il 're che torna'. Poi la Juve 'impossibile', Barcellona e United

In the documentary Pogmentary dealing with the decision on the future of Paul Pogba since the end of last season, there are many interventions from his ex-agent Mino Raiolarecently passed away, but whose words tell a lot of background on the market around the French midfielder.

ARTWORK – “The market is nothing more than an auction of works of art. There are many works of art in the world and many people who want to buy them. There may be 20 people who want to buy 1 Pogba and this is the market ”.

THE IMPOSSIBLE JUVE – When asked by the lawyer Pimenta about the possible return to Turin to Juve Raiola on 21 May 2021 is categorical: “No, no. Juve can no longer afford to have you,” Raiola says. He continues: “I also meet with PSG and I have already had two meetings with Barcelona. The market is like the sea: up and down, up and down”. And even before the question: “Do you think it is an option to stay here one year and leave next year for free”. Mino’s response: “I prefer you to leave now rather than lose a year.

NEGOTIATIONS AND EUROPEAN – “During the European Championship he had to be even more focused, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t talking to Manchester United or other clubs”

BUSINESS – “To Paul I said: ‘I can’t play football, because if I played football and you did business, we’d be screwed …. You better play football and I take care of business”.

THE PSG DREAM – “I would like him to play for Paris Saint Germain. I believe that in Paris Saint Germain he would be considered “the King who comes home”.

“WITH MANCHESTER YOU ARE NOT THE POGBA DELLA JUVE” – “We have to decide what’s best for you, for your career, for your family, for your brand, for your finances. We have to make you feel like when you play France. When you are with them you are a different player than Manchester United, it is not normal. With France you are the Pogba that people love, that of Juventus, at Manchester United there is something that blocks you. You are in a very special situation “

THE NEW OFFER FROM RED DEVILS – Asked by Pogba: “Did they make the second offer?” Raiola replies of Manchester United: “Yes. They absolutely want him to stay. For me, the offer does not reflect this. I told them: ‘If you want me to stay, don’t make that offer.’ who stay and really want to build a project around you, this time they have to behave differently and put the money on the table. “

THE FOLLOW-UP – “Let’s see, let’s give it a week. It’s like a puzzle. We have to talk well about your strategy, then about your next 5 and 10 years. I want to sit down and face every possible scenario and decide there. What is better sporty, financially, for your family. See you when you come back, “Raiola tells Paul.

NEVER FOR MONEY – “People think it’s for money, but it’s not that. Money is just the result of something, not the beginning, it’s the end. Especially with paul, not just money driving it.”

BREAKING WITH FERGUSON – “Everyone can learn to play football and work hard. But it’s your mindset that makes the difference. Talent is your angel, but your mindset is security. Talent has to be managed, cared for. When we met it was a United youth player, for the renewal. At the time I was in front of Ferguson, who I respect, a huge piece of this club, but first you have to respect to get the same treatment back. Ferguson thought we were exaggerating Paul’s value, he would have I had to be happy to sign in. The break was not about the money: it was about no respect, no appreciation, no trust. At Juve he found much more confidence and admiration. “

WORK OUT – “Paul is never not ready. The longest time I have seen him not train is two weeks. If he goes to Miami he has a trainer, in Dubai too, the champions never stop, it’s part of their being” .

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