Pogmentary, Pogba racconta la rottura con lo United: 'Hanno bluffato, gli farò vedere che ha sbagliato'. E il nuovo agente 'apre' alla Juve
Paul Pogba does not give certainties, only clues. The time of officialdom and communication on its next destinationand, after the conclusion of the second experience at Manchester United, he is getting closer and closer and Juventus stands out on the horizon, close to the finish line. In the documentary dedicated to him and produced by Amazon“Pogmentary”, the French champion reveals instead the reasons that led him to reject even the last desperate assaults of the Red Devils to extend the contract expiring on June 30th. “I just think about playing and winning. My goal is to show United that they made a mistake by waiting to offer me a new contract. And to the other clubs that have made this mistake. That’s all, now you know my whole story. My life, my family. You have shared joys and defeats, doubts about the future. It’s just the beginning, “says Pogba.

BLUFF UNITED – Who through this mini-series shows us the moments of the confrontation with his former agent Mino Raiola regarding the offer delivered by the English club: “They absolutely want him to stay. For me, the offer does not reflect this. I told them: ‘If you want me to stay, don’t make that offer’. I want them to understand that if they really want me to stay and really want to build a project around you, this time they have to behave differently and put the money on the table. “And Pogba points out:”They are bluffing. How can you tell a player that you absolutely want him to stay and offer him nothing? I’ve never seen such a thing. “We are talking about money then, but in a subsequent passage the Octopus suggests that his next decision will also be influenced by other factors: “It’s like this for all the players, dand you feel important in your club, in the team. If you are not, it is an end sentence. What makes me happy? I am happy if I am involved in a project“. And Juve, the team that consecrated him internationally and raised him humanly, seems to be the ideal destination: “You are not a star because you say so. You become a star because people make you a star. That’s what I learned from my time at Juventus. It was my springboard. I wanted to prove that I was someone. With you? He told me that if I did well I would play. I scored my first goal in the pros against Napoli, at Juve. Magical. I was very young, but there I became a man “.

THE OPENING – And so, waiting for an agreement almost defined on the basis of a contract for 8 million euros plus bonuses to be perfected in the last bureaucratic details, we just have to continue to follow the clues disseminated by the protagonists of this story. Like the lawyer Rafaela PimentaPogba’s trusted lawyer who assumed total control of the Raiola empire after the disappearance of the Italian-Dutch prosecutor. His words a Le Parisien on the Pogback they sound much like a confirmation: “There is a lot of talk about it. What would be the danger of a return to a former team? Many things have changed, it is another group, several years have passed and it would be another story“.

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