'Pogmentary', nuove anticipazioni. Raiola: 'La Juve non può più permettersi Pogba, ma il vero Paul è quello di Torino...'

“Paul, you are in a very special situation. You have no idea.” New previews of ‘Pogmentary‘, the documentary on Paul Pogba available on Prime Video starting June 17. In the extracts published by The Athleticyou can read some exchanges between the French midfielder, expiring with Manchester United and courted by Juventus, and his late agent Mino Raiola: “Have United made a second offer?” asks Pogba. Raiola replies: “Yes. They absolutely want him to stay. For me, the offer does not reflect this. I told them: ‘If you want me to stay, don’t make that offer.’ they really want to build a project around you, this time they have to behave differently and put the money on the table. ” Pogba urges, “They’re bluffing. How can you tell a player that you absolutely want him to stay and offer him nothing? Never seen such a thing.”

THE REAL POGBA – During the call with Pogba, Raiola insists on the importance of the decision on the next step and remembers that Manchester’s Paul is not the real Paul, that of Juventus: “What is the best thing for you? What is the best for your family, for your career? What is the best financially? What is the best for your brand? “. The late agent continues: “We have to try to make you feel as good as when you are with the French national team. You are different with them. Do you understand that? You are another Pogba with Man United. It is not normal. With France you are the real Pogba, the Pogba of Juventus, the Pogba that everyone loves. With Manchester United, there is something that stops you. “

REVICENCE – Pobga reflects in the last scenes on the meaning of the documentary: “My thought is to show Manchester United that they made a mistake by waiting to give me the contract. And show other clubs that United made a mistake”, he reports The Athletic.

FUTURE – One of the focal points concerns the future of Pogba and at a certain point in the documentary, in another video call, Raiola seems to dismiss the hypothesis of a return to Juve: “No, no. Juve can no longer afford to have you“says Raiola. Who continues:” I also meet with PSG and I have already had two meetings with Barcelona. The market is like the sea: up and down, up and down “. Phrases, however, that date back to several months ago and, highlights The Athletic, they do not undermine Juventus’ position as a pole club for the midfielder. Complete the section Rafaela Pimentaa lawyer to whom Raiola has entrusted the management of Pogba: “I think the story is more about a player than at the top of his career and he wants to reach important awards, trophies and great goals. The challenge now for Paul is to decide which club he will be in. able to bring him to that goal. “

LESSON LEARNED IN TURIN – Pogba also returns to his Juventus experience and a lesson learned: “You are not a star because you say so. You become a star because people make you a star. This is what I learned from my time at Juventus”.

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