Pogba reveals: "United bids were a bluff, how can you offer anything?"

The future of Paul Pogba takes shape more and more with black and white hues, but the recent past to Manchester United it is not yet forgotten. The Frenchman, who from 30 June 2022 will be considered to all intents and purposes released from the English club, will soon be able to sign a new contract, with the Juventus ahead to secure the return of the midfielder. To see Pogba’s return to the Stadium, we will have to wait a few more days, just as the ’93 class had to wait for months of harrowing negotiations with the Red Devils who, for the renewal of the contract, put on the table figures considered null by the player.

Pogba, phenomenon in Basketball: Allegri, are you ready?

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Pogba, phenomenon in Basketball: Allegri, are you ready?

United’s offers to Pogba

To reveal all the background of the negotiations between Pogba and Manchester United for the renewal of the contract that expired naturally on June 30, 2022 is the same French midfielder in the course of “Pogmentary“, the documentary to be released on Amazon Prime Video that tells the life of the” Octopus “. In various passages of the documentary some details of the negotiations for the extension of the contract are revealed, with the late agent Mino Raiola which plays a vital role in the player’s life. “Paul, you are in a very special situation. But United absolutely want you to stay“the agent tells him, while on the other side of the phone Pogba is on vacation in Miami. United’s proposal, according to what was reported, is to 300 thousand pounds a weeka figure that for Pogba is considered negligible: “They are bluffing, how can you tell a player that you absolutely want him and not offer him anything? Never seen“.

The relationship between Pogba and Raiola

During the documentary, thanks to all the market background linked to Pogba’s position with Manchester United, the relationship between the midfielder and his agent is also outlined. Died in April, Mino Raiola is in fact seen as a brother by the French. Sometimes described as interested only in money, Raiola was much more for his clients than him, as can also be seen in “Pogmentary”. In the negotiations for the renewal of the contract with the Red Devils, Raiola plays a fundamental role in making the class of ’93 feel good and above all appreciated. “What’s the best for you? What’s the best for your family, for your career? Which is the best economically? Which is best for your brand?“Raiola asks him, who then reiterates:”We must try to make you feel as good as when you are with the French national team. You are different with them. You understand? You are another Pogba with Manchester United. It’s not normal. With France you are the real Pogba, the Pogba of Juventus, the Pogba that everyone loves. With Manchester, there is something blocking you“. The agent advises, Pogba listens and thanks. And in a passage of the documentary we understand how Raiola has always done everything to please his players:”I will make them understand that if they really want you to stay and want to build a project around you, this time they have to put money on the table.“.

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Juve, all the market goals from Arnautovic to Zaniolo

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