Pogba-Juve: numeri, dettagli e cosa manca per il grande ritorno

On the day of the Amazon documentary Pogmentary which inevitably animated the fans of the Juventusthe great return of Paul Pogba in Turin it becomes more and more concrete. In the documentary before Raiola closes to the possibility of a Pogback (READ HERE), then slowly the chinks begin to open and, today more than ever, thanks to the words of the lawyer Rafaela Pimenta (READ HERE) that the late agent has now taken overto see the French midfielder with the black and white shirt on is only a matter of time and details. In fact, the agreement has been practically found and everyone at Continassa is waiting for nothing more than to embrace him again during the training camp. So here are all the figures and details we know of the great return.

ZERO PARAMETER – The Pogback will not affect Juventus’ balance sheet in the amortization item except for the commission that must be guaranteed to the lawyer Pimenta. In fact, Pogba frees himself from Manchester United on a free transfer on 30 June with the natural expiry of his current contract.

3 + 1 – The agreement will initially be “only” on a three-year basis with Juventus option to extend the agreement for another season. Not a lasting agreement, but it is in the game of the parties to try not to burden the salary too much for a player who will turn 30 on March 15 and would thus find himself in 33 (or 34 years) the chance to sign the last major deal of his career.

8 + 2, THE DETAILS THAT ARE MISSING AND GROWTH DECREE The total salary will reach 10 million euros net, of which, and it is here that we will still need to file the last details.There, 8 should be of fixed part and 2 of individual and team bonuses. These are net figures, because for Pogba Juventus will use the now famous tax advantage of Growth Decree which will allow almost 50% less tax on the gross salary to be charged. Basically, if all bonuses accrue over the course of the season, instead 20 million gross (approximately), Juventus would pay “only” 15 million (approximately) a year.

DOUBTS ABOUT 10 AND THE VILLA OUTSIDE TURIN – If all goes well, Pogba should be ready for the start of the summer training camp and immediately what his new jersey number will be. Many of the fans have invoked the 10 which is no longer Dybala on his shoulders, but that number Paul has already worn and it did not go so well as he imagined (he has told it several times). For this it is likely that in the end she will return to prefer number 6 to which he is so attached. Where he will live, however, still remains a mystery even if i Turin rumors speak of villas available outside the city, in the hills, more or less in the same areas where Cristiano Ronaldo had chosen to reside. Not far from Casa Agnelli, close to the president who wants to put Pogba back at the center of the Juventus project.

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