Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

Match 2 of the playoff final of Serie A2 Old Wild West is scheduled in the Gold Board between Apu Old Wild West Udine and Tezenis Verona, on the evening of Tuesday 7 June. The Friulians are ahead 1-0 in the series in the best of 5 games, with alternating home-home-away-away-home. The winning team is promoted to Serie A.

Tuesday 7 June, 8.00 pm
Udine: Apu Old Wild West-Tezenis Verona (Series: 1-0 Udine)

At the following link all the information on the Gold Scoreboard of the Serie A2 Old Wild West 2022 Playoffs (scoreboard, formula, calendars):

old wild West
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Where: Palasport “Carnera”, Udine
When: Tuesday 7 June, 8.00 pm
Referees: Scrima, Radaelli, Miniati
Series: 1-0 Udine
Live on LNP Pass:

Matteo Boniciolli (coach) –
“There are some aspects to improve in view of race 2, which will see us very tired due to the enormous effort we have made to recover, while our opponents, in my opinion, will paradoxically be ‘lighter’ than in race 1. A team that does everything the year he declared that he wanted to grow his players, under the guidance of an extraordinary veteran like Guido Rosselli, perhaps at 1-0 he will be even more relaxed, but in the face of tremendous quality. They have heartwarming defensive intensity, clear defensive organization, goals and an absolute champion like Karvel Anderson, who can score at any moment. For us, therefore, it will be an even more difficult match, it will become essential to eliminate avoidable mistakes “.
Michele Antonutti (player) – “In race 2 we will have to be more precise, not have moments of emptiness, in which we make trivial mistakes, which do not belong to us. At the end of the game we understood it, we immediately identified the mistakes to avoid. And today (Monday, ed) we got to work, because we are not at all satisfied with Sunday’s success. It was certainly a great thrill to see a city that gathers around the team, I hope that also Tuesday Carnera will be so warm ”.
Note – There are still very few tickets available, which can be purchased through the VivaTicket circuit (online and in authorized resellers in the province of Udine).
Average – Live streaming on LNP Pass. Updates are provided in real time on the Facebook page ( and on the official Instagram (@ apu.udine) and Twitter (@apudine) profiles of the Apu Old Wild West Udine.

Alessandro Ramagli (coach) –
“The positive thing about race 1 is that we never gave up, as we have done since the beginning of the season, going so far as to play for it until the last possession. The negative part is clear enough: we threw trivial balls away in the third quarter, causing confusion on the pitch and missing free throws at the decisive moment. These details leave us with frustration that we have to get off our backs. We have to work on things to fix, some aspects can be improved, like the balls lost without pressure. With a little more balance and stability, this detail can be changed ”.
Alessandro Frosini (sporting director) – “Race 1 has shown that we are not very far from our rivals. In order to think of winning a match in Udine we will have to continue to defend as we did in the first match, while in attack it will be crucial not to lose trivial balls. We will have to put all our mental and physical energies on the pitch, again focusing on the freshness of our youngest players “.
Note – Nothing to report.
Average – The match will be broadcast live on LNP Pass. Deferred, Wednesday, on Telenuovo at 18:00 and 21:00.

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