Playoff Basket Italy, in Milan match 1

Playoff Basket Italy, in Milan game 1. Milan conquers, for the first time this season, the fort of the Segafredo Arena and made his match-1 in the final scudetto by imposing himself with a score of 62-66 on a subdued Virtus Bologna. The formation of the former Ettore Messina puts his head forward at the start of the match, extends by touching +13 in the middle of the third fraction and then controls the final reaction, more heart than head, of the bianconeri, less brilliant than usual. A very important external blow for the Milanese team, determined to avenge the 4-0 achieved in last year’s championship finals.

Playoff Basket Italy, in Milan game 1. The report of the match

The 8000 spectators of the Segafredo Arena they witnessed a very physical, hard, intense challenge, with the pressure of the stakes at stake and the defenses that got the better of the attacks. Scariolo relies on the proven quintet with Hackett, Teodosic, Weems, Shengelia and Jaiteh, while on the other Messina responds with Rodriguez, Shields, Datome, Bentil and Hines. Ready to go and Teodosic is forced to exit after 1’18 “after a foul by Shields. The Serbian grits his teeth and returns to the field after 2’30 ”of play amidst the acclamation of one Segafredo Arena very hot. The frenzy in the game, however, costs dear to Virtus who offensively struggles, so Milan, even if not enchanting, puts its head forward and keeps it up to 10 ‘closing 10-13. The low shooting percentages, on both sides, continue even in the second half of the game, with game-1 struggling to break free. At 15 ‘Milan is ahead 17-21. The game continues to be intense and tough: Tessitori’s basket brings Virtus back on 24-23 at 18 ‘. Two quarters from wet powders: is scored with a dropper on both sides with very low percentages, confirmed by 27-28 in favor of Milan with which the teams go to rest. At half-time the caps are removed from the baskets and in fact the teams begin to score with Milan who, thanks above all to Shields, stretches ahead 32-40 at 24 ‘. Scariolo calls time to shake his Virtus, which however goes under for the first time in double figures at 32-45 at 25 ‘. Sampson stops the Milanese 0-11 with Belinelli fixing a 4-0 minibreak. The spark in the Virtus house does not light up and Milan maintains the double-digit advantage. Scariolo tries to play his pair of aces by fielding Teodosic and Belinelli together on the pitch for many minutes. Alibegovic and Sampson try, Teodosic is tarantulated and tries to warm up the public. Sampson crushes, Shengelia leans against the glass and in the blink of an eye Virtus is at -4 at 55-59 at 36 ‘forcing Messina to ask for time. There Segafredo Arena becomes a bedlam. Shengelia nails the dunk of -2, but Milan does not lose his temper and makes his race-1.

Playoff Basket Italy, match 1 in Milan. The match report, match 2 tonight

We publish below the match report, which saw Milan put a first brick in the race for the tricolor:


VIRTUS SEGAFREDO BOLOGNA: Hackett 6, Teodosic 16, Weems, Shengelia 11, Jaiteh 3; Cordinier 4, Sampson 9, Belinelli 7, Pajola, Alibegovic 4, Tessitori 2; Mannion ne. Herds Scariolo.

AIX ARMANI MILANO: Rodriguez 7, Shields 18, Datome 13, Bentil 5, Hines 10; Melli 5, Ricci 2, Hall 6, Baldasso, Grant; Biligha ne, Alviti ne. All. Messina.

Referees: Ryzhyk, Begnis, Sahin.

Notes: partial 10-13, 27-28, 40-50.

Two-pointers: Virtus 18/44; Milan 22/48. Three-pointers: 5/22; 3/23. Free throws: 11/18; 13/20. Rebounds: 41; 50.

Tonight tap-off that will be raised at Segafredo Arena Bologna at 9 pm. Live TV is scheduled on RaiSport + HD (Canale 58 of Digital Terrestrial) and Eurosport 2 HD, while live streaming will be guaranteed by RaiPlay, Discovery +, Eurosport Player, SkyGO and Dazn.


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