Commissioni agenti calciatori

Players' agents commissions
Players’ agents commissions

More and more in recent years we have heard about the commissions to players’ agents.

The commissions in particular have come to increasingly influence the transfer market the total cost for the passage of a player from one team to another (including zero parameters) or for contract renewals.

Players’ agent commissions: the reform.

From June 2023, therefore, there will be a tightening on commissions.

The reform specifically provides for:

– The introduction of a ceiling for fees.

– The reintroduction of a system of compulsory licenses – the so-called register of agents – and professional development in order to continue practicing the profession of football agent.

– The limitation of multiple representation.

This is to avoid that an agent finds himself, during a negotiation, representing more than one of the parties involved.

The only exception is that of representing both the player and the buying team.

However, both customers must give explicit consent to double representation.

– The introduction of a more effective system for resolving disputes between agents, players, clubs, coaches and affiliated associations.

The purpose of the reform is to ensure greater transparency.

Furthermore, it will be compulsory to publish constantly updated and detailed information on the work done by the agents in the negotiations, including the amount of the transfer and the commissions paid, always with a view to greater financial transparency.

Players’ agent commissions: the payment of fees.

Fees payments must be made through the new Fifa Clearing House.

With the exception of salaries below $ 200,000, the customer is the only one authorized to pay the agent who cannot therefore receive compensation from other parties involved in the transaction. All payments must then go through the FIFA clearing house.

In addition, there will be limits on commissions.

If the agent’s client is a footballer, the commission will not exceed 5% of the assisted person’s salary if his remuneration is below $ 200,000 and will not go beyond 3% of the salary if it exceeds this threshold.

If the agent’s client is the buying team, the same limits apply.

In the event that the attorney represents both the individual and the buying team, the ceiling on commissions is 10% if the salary is below $ 200,000 and 6% if it is above this threshold. Finally, if the customer is the selling club, the maximum commission is 10% of the transaction value.

Will all this be enough to regularize an already crazy market of its own?

Posterity will judge.


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