PG Nationals: League of Legends returns as protagonist in Italy

The wait is over: PG Nationals, the Italian League of Legends championship born in 2018, created and still managed by PG Esports, the reference tournament organizer of the Italian esports scene, has officially started. A championship that has grown and evolved over the years and now reaches its tenth edition in the fifth competitive year. PG Nationals is undoubtedly the flagship of national competitions, the business card of Italy in the international esports scene. A trophy coveted by players and teams that anyone wants to try to win. There are those who have succeeded in the enterprise and today still compete to conquer another, such as the Outplayed, the Samsung Morning Stars, the Macko, two-time champions and finalists three times in a row from Spring 2021 to Spring 2022, and the Atleta , reigning champions. They are joined by Esport Empire, Cyberground Gaming, Axolotl and GG Esports.

The favorites

Despite being the holders of the trophy, it is difficult to give the Esports Athlete the status of tournament favorites: the only change, made in botlane with the farewell to Estonian Cospect and the arrival of the Swede Baloo, seems to reduce their expectations, except that the usual Phoma and Evan together with their coaching staff do not pull the rabbit out of the hat, as often happens. More capable of fighting for the title appear, at least on paper, Macko, Outplayed and Esport Empire. The former kept Hawhaw, Mvp from last split, in the middle lane together with the botlane, shooting Cboi in the jungle and a safety like Acd in toplane. The Outplayed have instead changed all the players with the return of Lotus in the jungle and Dehaste in the middle lane, and the arrival of the seventeen-year-old Lindgaard in botlane with Hungrypanda; finally they managed to convince Stenbosse to return after announcing the retirement. The last in order of story are the Esport Empire: confirmed the all-Italian botlane Sandolas and Paradox, the Empire have opted to strengthen the roster in all the other departments, bringing to Italy an important name like that of LeBron, in the jungle, to which they are added Lmzs in the middle lane and the Spaniard Rubio in the top lane.

The outsiders

On League of Legends nothing is to be taken for granted: what seems written on paper, in reality can turn into something else. Reason why the other four teams in the competition may seem like a step backwards but could actually give surprises, especially two, namely Cyberground and Samsung Morning Stars. The former have all the credentials to finally catch the Top 4 of the PG Nationals, having signed last season’s trio of GG Esports. SMS instead must redeem themselves after the unfortunate Spring Split, of which only the Counter is the survivor, and could really point to something more. All to be discovered, however, the rosters of GG Esports and Axolotl.

The story

First phase a classic Italian group with home and away matches, then the best four reach the playoffs. The usual broadcast crew which includes Roberto ‘KenRhen’ Prampolini, Emiliano ‘Moonboy’ Marini, Gabriele ‘Wolcat’ Catterin, Filippo ‘Etrurian’ Burresi, Giulia ‘Juniper’ Migliore will tell the story of the next two months, and Giulia ‘Juniper’ Migliore. two new grafts Andrea ‘Juannetti’ Giovannetti and Silverio ‘Deidara’ Masi. The Summer 2022 edition, created with the support of the main sponsors Fonzies (in collaboration with Dentsu Gaming), Intel and Kit Kat (in synergy with Sportfive), and broadcast on Twitch every Tuesday and Wednesday, promises to be among the most competitive and always interesting.

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