Pescara-Zeman, there is the Foggia rebus

Zeman yes, Zeman no, Zeman maybe. There is still from wait for. Before signing for Pescara, he waits to know what will happen at Foggia. If the club returns to the Pintus family, could it decide to stay in Foggia or respond positively to Pescara’s pressing? This is the dilemma that continues to hover along the Adriatic coast. But the time tightens. We will know in a few hours, also because the biancazzurri managers are determined to close the game as soon as possible. Yesterday there was a long one company top management to take stock of the situation and not only as regards the choice of the new coach. Meanwhile, the former Monopoli coach Alberto Colombo remains in the running. There soap opera on the new technical guide of Pescara will extend by a few hours, but not more because the Abruzzo club cannot wait any longer. But there would also be a plan C, because the Abruzzo club in the last few hours would have also targeted other coaches.

Situation of the wagons

After the white smoke for the new coach, the official status of the sporting director will have to arrive. In this case there is no doubt as it is Daniele Delli Carri who had long advocated the arrival of Zeman. For Delli Carri this is the return behind the blue-and-white desk after the experience of 2012, when Zeman was driving Pescara. Within a few days they should arrive too news on the corporate front. In fact, news is expected on the entry of fresh forces. The Italo-Australian entrepreneurs mentioned would initially acquire no more than 35% of the shares of Delfino Pescara 1936, and then eventually increase their participation in the Abruzzo association. The fans, however, are waiting to know the names, faces and programs of the new members and to know if there may be any news on the redevelopment of the Adriatico stadium in the future. Regardless, there will probably be a redistribution of the shares with Sebastiani who will still maintain the majority.


From next week we will start thinking about the team to give to the new one technician. There will be a real revolution considering that few will remain compared to last season. Pescara will try to keep Marco Delle Monache but he has fans in Serie A. The 2005 class especially likes Fiorentina but not only. The player it could also be sold, as well as staying on the Adriatic coast for next season to mature and grow. Instead, the goalkeeper Alessandro Sorrentino (20) and the defender Davide Veroli (19) should leave. There are about twenty players under contract, but for many of them there will hardly be a new adventure in the blue and white. Meanwhile, the pre-season preparation will take place in the first part in Palena (where the team had worked in the summer in recent seasons) and then at Poggio degli Ulivi, the home of Pescara.

Foggia, the mural dedicated to Zeman inaugurated

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Foggia, the mural dedicated to Zeman inaugurated

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