Pedone: Il dispiacere resta, nessun rimpianto. Noi ci siamo

The message of the President of the APU Old Wild West Udine Alessandro Pedone to the Juventus environment: “I waited two days before speaking to you fans, to analyze clearly what happened. I do not deny that the bitterness is great, after a season always at the top, with 39 wins out of 45 games, we frankly did not expect a similar ending.
I read many comments in the press and on social media, I listened to the voices of the many who wrote, phoned and stopped me in the city. There is a first issue to be highlighted with vigor and transparency: the will of the club, of the technical staff, of my members has been and always will be to bring Udine back to Serie A1. Anyone who claims that for economic reasons we did not want to go up to the top flight certainly does not know the efforts and investments we have made over the past two years to set up a competitive roster, but above all the economic and financial solidity of our group.
Every year we have raised the bar, every year we have achieved a new goal that we had set ourselves. The victory of the Italian Cup represented a historical fact for city sport, which before today had never won a national trophy.
Seeing thousands of fans in recent months, both at home at Carnera and away, from Orzinuovi to Trapani, from Roseto to Verona, is a source of pride for each of us and a demonstration of attachment to our sporting project. This is precisely what pushes us to raise the bar once again, to pursue the goal we have set ourselves together with all the Friulian fans. We are setting up a roster that once again lives up to expectations, we are already working to prepare for next season, we will leave no stone unturned in our path.
With all of you, who are the greatest strength of this ambitious project, nothing will be precluded. The sorrow remains, but no regrets! Thank you very much for the extraordinary season we lived together, I look forward to seeing you by our side today for a new and extraordinary adventure, with the strength of the 3,500 roaring spectators at Carnera and a group of hundreds of supporting companies and sponsors envied by everyone. We are there! So let’s head headlong towards a new season, which will certainly still be full of emotions and satisfactions for all our Juventus hearts ”.

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