We had the pleasure of interviewing Pasquale Foggiaformer footballer, among many others, from Empoli, Lazio, Sampdoria, Salernitana, Treviso, today sports director of the Benevento Football. Foggia did the balance of the season of the Giallorossi club, which saw the Serie A dream fade in the phase playoffs against Pisa. In addition, the former midfielder retraced some stages of his football past and commented on the exciting championship of A league recently concluded.

Pasquale, Benevento ended the season in seventh place in the Serie B standings and saw the dream of A fade in the playoff phase against Pisa. How much regret is there at the Giallorossi home? What is the balance of this season? What was Benevento missing to reach Serie A?

The regret is there, especially after being eliminated despite our 1-0 home win in the first leg of the playoff semifinal against Pisa. However, the balance of the season is positive. We did not start with the idea of ​​winning the championship, as it was two years ago with Inzaghi, when the market was also addressed in that sense and on a different type of player. That season we took on Hetemaj, Schiattarella, Sau, players of great experience and reliability who then made the difference. This year, however, we have rejuvenated the squad and made some “bets”, some won and others lost. We focused on young people like Calò, Elia, Viviani, Acampora, who turned out to be a fundamental player, Brignola, who hadn’t played continuously for some years. We started the championship with a different schedule, so for me the overall balance is positive, with the regret of not having exploited the possibilities that would have allowed us to finish in the top two during the championship.

Several newspapers have resumed the heavy utterances towards the Giallorossi club of the patron of Ascoli Pulcinelli, published in his Instagram Stories after the elimination of Benevento in the playoff semifinal against Pisa. Do you feel like commenting on what happened?
I comment with a laugh, also because I’d like to understand where those words come from. These are statements that speak for themselves and remain with those who say them.

Benevento will go into pre-season training camp on 11 July in Cascia. Where will the club start again for next season? Will there be any particular market operations? Many players are out of contract, including Marco Sau.
We will start from Cascia, it will be the third retreat we will do there. It is a place where people work very well. As far as market operations are concerned, we will certainly intervene in the departments where there are missing pieces. The market must be managed in the long term, you cannot think of “everything and immediately”, also because the transfer market can reserve some surprises, so you have to know how to wait.

Moving on to Serie A, why do you think Napoli got lost along the way in this great Serie A year? Will he be able to aspire to the Scudetto again next season with Spalletti, despite an important farewell like Insigne’s?

Napoli played a very important championship. Then, there is the disappointment born of having been able to think of something more prestigious and different, but Napoli finished third, with a new coach, in a championship with many strong teams. Winning the Scudetto is not an everyday thing. Spalletti, a great coach and a great person, immediately integrated into the environment, leading the club in a year that I believe is really important.

In the end, after the long Milanese duel, it was AC Milan that won the Scudetto: what do you think of the Stefano Pioli and his men vintage?
I think it is a starting point for all of Italian football, because it is truly the championship of competence, sacrifice, ideas. Milan is perhaps the youngest team in the league, shaped by Maldini and Massara, who have built a winning project in three years. Pioli then managed to express what he did not express in previous years. For me, the Rossoneri coach is in the top 3 of Italian coaches.

This year the battle for salvation was also fierce, with your former club Salernitana who managed to save himself and stay in Serie A. Did you expect a similar ending? What rewarded the grenades?
It was an exciting championship final, even for the salvation fight. Seeing Salernitana save herself on the last day by losing 4 to 0 at home, when she was already given for relegation by everyone, I think it is an event to remember for years. I think that in Salerno more factors have affected the achievement of salvation: the enthusiasm of a new property, the enthusiasm found by the fans, the charge of Nicola and the motivated players.

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