Pasquale Bruno: "And these would be champions?"

The best of us all, Adalberto Bortolotti, defined you like this: “Bruno is not a violent man, but an exhibitionist of violence”.

I was not an actor, I was not acting. All instinct and roots and the blood boiling in my veins. Even today I manage to argue with those who come from behind shouting “runway! track!”. I do not let him pass and I take him with bad words. “Go to the Olympics, asshole! If you follow me it means that you are scarce.” I succumb only at home, all defeats“.

A classic.

With five girls I don’t count a shit, I also surrender to my two granddaughters, Sara and Sofia, Chevanton’s daughters. Marcella, my wife, has been putting up with me since 84. How many years is it?“.

Thirty eight. Strong in arithmetic, huh?

She has always hated football, like our daughters. One day one of them, Sandra, or maybe it was Marta, asked me what the flag was for. I replied that they had put them on to signal the landing of a plane. Marcella came to the stadium only once, against Lazio. Expelled. She didn’t want to know anymore“.

You are still the red card record holder, Nobby Stiles or Vinnie Jones de noantri.

Montero took more. I established the primacy of the yellow and the days of disqualification. I missed a championship and a half. Eight Sundays only after that famous derby“.

And you closed your shop at thirty-five.

In Scotland, I stopped to allow Marta not to miss a year of school, but I would have gladly continued. Later, with the Wigan, only one presence. I love England, English football, Scotland, those people“.

To the point that he collaborates as an intermediary with some professionals of the Kingdom.

They are mostly friends. Jason Ferguson, son of Sir Alex, Peter Reid, Sam Allardyce, Harry Redknapp“.

Congratulations, a nice company of marpioni.

(Laughs). “Jason is a dear friend, we’ve known each other for a lifetime. In Scottish football, I found my freedom, no fuss, zero falsehoods and hypocrisy, all within 90 minutes. Finished the game, finished everything“.

You once admitted that you have no friends even among teammates.

I didn’t hang out with anyone. At most a few drinks with Ian Rush. Closed the season, I went back to my Salento, goodbye and thanks to everyone. Salento, other than Formentera and Sardinia“.

I suspect you had a difficult childhood, dear Pasquale.

Are you joking? Extremely beautiful. The road, the ball, hours of play, friends, the sun. I was the tailor’s son, my housewife mother. I often delivered daddy’s clothes to customers. My father-in-law was also a tailor, in Lequile, a town less than 8 kilometers from San Donato di Lecce. The two knew each other. My father, when he found out who I was seeing, told me not to bullshit. “Marcella is the daughter of a friend, be very careful”. A subject, hard, straight back. “Mesciu Pino”, Mr. Pino everyone knows, is a legend of youth football from Salento, Juventus fanatic. He betrayed Juve only for the team I played for, but when I left football he went back to his old love. Today he is 87 years old and he is in the grace of God“.

Your relationship with Juve is very bad: you don’t spare them anything.

I played it for three years. About seventy matches. I met the real Juve, the lawyer Agnelli, Boniperti. After winning the cup with Zoff on the bench, I introduced myself to Boniperti and asked him to stay. He explained to me that he was about to leave the presidency in Chiusano and the command in Montezemolo and that Maifredi would arrive. “I’m sorry, but you and Rui Barros are not part of the coach’s plans, you have to go away – it was clear -, I promise I’ll send you to play wherever you want”. I begged him to make me think about it and when I saw him again I said I would like the Bull, Turin was all grenade, my friends only talked to me about the Bull. One, two, three and I got sick“.

And he?

“Why precisely from those?”. But he was up to his word“.

From that moment on, you have become an ultra grenade.

I took a deep breath of anti-Juventus. A strong feeling that was accentuated in Florence. The Florentines hate Juve more than the Torino players. I remember that in the year of Maifredi the lawyer came to see the Bull of Mondonico, one Sunday Franco Costa della Rai asked him the reason for the betrayal. And he: “It amuses me”“.

You and Baggio didn’t love each other.

True, but Robi was the greatest Italian footballer of all time … Juve-Fiorentina 1-2 at the Comunale, goals from Baggio and Di Chiara, I slipped, he sent me on the track and scored at Tacconi“.

You punched him.

Both expelled. At the end of the game he came to our locker room accompanied by two masseurs. He told me of all colors. I thought, better get him out of my way or I’ll kill him“.

Muscular and excessive, always.

They often ask me to count how many games I would have played under the new rules“.

The answer?

The referees would not even admonish me with the current forwards, poor as they are. I wouldn’t give him any reason. Would I need to anticipate Belotti or Immobile when every Belotti stop ends at three meters? I’m not kidding. Before I did a foul because it was impossible to anticipate Van Basten, Careca, Pato Aguilera, Ruben Sosa, and Maradona not even mention it. With the quality they have now, imagine … I avoid watching football today, suffering, sadness, boredom. Even the national team I have seen little and that little in tears“.

“It’s true, I committed a willful foul, plus I had a pistol, a shotgun and a magnum in my pocket …”.

I must have said it after a Turin-Brescia thirty years ago. Think if I had said those words today“.

You should think about it yourself.

Yet there was more humanity then. And more truth. Fear eats the soul and I fear I had none and I have none“.

You have always been a provocateur.

You prove you don’t understand me yet, bro. I took freedom with my feet and I continue with the language. Do you say that they are worse than those who hide behind good manners, hypocrisy and drama? I am always true, authentic“.

We want to remember the middle finger to the 100 thousand of the Bernabeu?

But sorry, March 31 ’92, Uefa cup semi-final with Real Madrid, we arrive at the stadium and the fans ston us, the windows of the bus are broken, Giorgio Paretti, the trainer, bleeding. We leave the bags in the locker room and I think alé, here we are. When we show up on the pitch before the game and I see the full Bernabeu, I show the middle to the public. Hierro, who was a beast, Michel, Butragueño and Chendo realize it, the fight breaks out. Return to the locker room and Mondonico: “what happened?”. Nothing mister. Butragueño doesn’t touch the ball and we go to the final“.

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