Partizan renounces the Serbian championship finals: We don't want to be slaves to hoolingans

Partizan have finished the 2021/22 season and will not participate in the playoffs of the Serbian League. This decision was made by the club after everything that happened during the ABA Liga finals.

Despite all the appeals from Crvena Zvezda and Partizan, all five games were full of incidents that endangered the safety of players and coaches. Those incidents led to the partial or total closure of the sports hall, numerous fines and the great embarrassment of Serbian and regional basketball in front of the whole world.

Throughout the whole series, the self-criticism of the Partizan representatives was quite strong. Both president Ostoja Mijailovic and head coach Zeljko Obradovic have publicly criticized the irresponsible conduct in the stands for their behavior. Unfortunately, the criticisms have not been fruitful.

With this act, Partizan wants to send the message that the Club does not want to be part of the hooligan affairs, regardless of whether they are fans of Crvena Zvezda or Partizan. We have reasonable doubts that another Series Finale between Partizan NIS and Crvena Zvezda MTS would become just another ground for the bullies who are destroying our sport, which will lead us to another terrible message sent to the world.

At the same time, the Club wants to let all the relevant topics to sit down and resolve all these issues before the start of next season.

Our wish is that Belgrade and Serbia have two representatives in the Euroleague. However, this type of behavior from a number of individuals and the missed opportunities to punish them will not get us where we want to be.

Our country has shown that it is capable of organizing first-rate sporting events. The recently organized Euroleague Final Four were an excellent example of this. We had the Arena full of Olympiacos fans followed by Crvena Zvezda fans, four clubs in total, many tourists in Belgrade and no accidents.

Conclusion: Yes, we can! And this is the image that we should all send from Belgrade as the basketball capitol.

Furthermore, we would like to underline the fact that in 20 years of participation in Euroleague competitions, there have been no incidents like those of the ABA Finals in the matches organized in Belgrade. This fact is telling us that there is hope for fixing all the deeply wrong things in our basketball.

As there is still hope, Partizan NIS will do everything possible to help solve numerous problems in the Serbian Basketball League and to get the League out of the position where some people have a monopoly on making all the important decisions. Our idea is to return the championship to the National Federation which guarantees a level playing field for all clubs. Equality alone is a good basis for reducing tensions and bringing everyone to basketball.

This is the unitary position of the Club, supported by all its members: Council, President, Technical staff and Players. Partizan NIS continues its path of participation in the ABA League and Euroleague regional competitions. There are no ideas for entering other leagues.

Once again, Partizan NIS invites everyone to sit down together and solve all the problems of Serbian and regional basketball together. Only in this way can we go on.

Press release from the Partizan

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