Paralympic Italians, from the saber comes the encore for Paolucci, Pasquino and Mogos.  Giordan also triumphs

Among the B category swordsmen, 24 hours after yesterday’s gold in the sword, Gianmarco Paolucci repeated himself. The standard bearer of the Fiamme Oro imposed himself in the last act on the Venetian Nicola D’Ambra of the Officina della Scherma, third place for Michele Vaglini of the Pisa Fencing Club Antonio Di Ciolo and Francesco Calvelli of the Giovani e Tenaci society. And doublets were also those of the women’s saber. Category A, in the remake of the foil final, saw Andreea Mogos again in a beautiful and balanced final, all branded Fiamme Oro, on Loredana Trigilia, with Sofia Brunati of the Circolo Fencing Lecco and Veronica Martini of the Koala Fencing Club to divide the third place. One-two also for Rossana Pasquino, gold among the B category sabers after having already triumphed in the sword. The Benevento of the Fiamme Oro won the title match on Julia Anna Markowska of the Fiamme Oro, bronze for Roxana Diana Solomon of the Minervium Scherma Manerbio and for Anna Giuseppina Molinu of the Sassarese Fencing Club.

In the men’s test the Italian title went to Alessandro Buratti. The Pro Patria Busto Arsizio swordsman, born in 2001, overtook Giuseppe Rizzi of the Milan Scherma Academy in the final. On the third step of the podium were Lorenzo Giacomelli of the Academy of Fermo Fermo and Lorenzo Ballini of the Circolo Scherma Through Florence. Finally, in the blind female sword, Veronica Tartaglia of the Circolo Scherma Appio graduated, silver for Ilaria Vermi of the Milan Fencing Academy and bronze for Francesca Augliese of the Milan Fencing Academy and Laura Tosetto of the Pro Patria Busto Arsizio.

Thus, the 2022 edition of the Italian Paralympic Championships, hosted by Macerata in the year in which it is the European City of Sport, goes to the archive. The last six titles today are added to the 12 awarded in the first two days of competition. In foil Italian champions have graduated Andreea Mogos (Fiamme Oro, category A female), Matteo Betti (Fiamme Azzurre, category A male), Alessia Biagini (Fencing Club Pisa Antonio Di Ciolo, category B female), Marco Cima (Fiamme Gold, category B male), Consuelo Nora (Rotating blades Turin, category C female) and William Russo (Club Fencing Palermo, category C male).
In the sword, however, the titles went to Veronica Martini (Club Scherma Koala, category A female), Emanuele Lambertini (Fiamme Oro, category A male), Rossana Pasquino (Fiamme Oro, category B female), Gianmarco Paolucci (Fiamme Oro, male category B), Consuelo Nora (Lame Rotanti Torino, female category C where she granted an encore after winning the foil) and Leonardo Rigo (Zinella Scherma, male category C).

Thus Paolo Azzi, President of the Italian Fencing Federation, drew up a final balance sheet of the 2022 Tricolors for wheelchair athletes and fencers for the blind, an event on which the curtain fell today on the platforms of the Banca Macerata Forum: “A beautiful edition is going to be archived of our Italian Paralympic Championships. A heartfelt thanks to Macerata, led by Alberto Affede, Carola Cicconetti, Michele Spagnuolo and the local institutions who have made an exceptional effort and in synergy, for offering perfect hospitality and impeccable organization to an event that has exalted a movement in continuous development. We have seen very good races on a technical level, a great show for our sport. There are also really interesting guys in the Paralympic sector on which we need to work to give continuity to the champions who have given us great satisfaction up to now, in the wake of the icon Bebe Vio who was unable to take part in these Championships because she was committed to her career. specific preparation aimed at returning to the platform – said the Federal President Paolo Azzi -. The promotion and recruitment to enrich Paralympic fencing more and more represent an absolute priority for our Federation and, after the integrated retreats of the national teams already carried out this season, we have several projects to develop to bring new recruits closer to our sport ».


The final

Giordan (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Morelli (CUS Siena) 15-5


Giordan (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Honey (Musumeci Greco Academy) 15-5

Morelli (CUS Siena) b. Dei Rossi (Treviso Fencing M ° Geslao) 15-11

Classification: 1. Edoardo Giordan (Fiamme Oro Roma), 2. Alberto Morelli (CUS Siena), 3. Matteo Dei Rossi (Treviso Fencing M ° Geslao), 3. Pietro Miele (Musumeci Greco Academy).


The final

Mogos (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Trigilia (Fiamme Oro Roma) 15-12


Mogos (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Martini (Koala Fencing Club) 15-7

Trigilia (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Brunati (Lecco Fencing Club) 15-5

Classification: 1. Andreea Mogos (Gold Flames Rome), 2. Loredana Trigilia (Gold Flames Rome), 3. Sofia Brunati (Lecco Fencing Club), 3. Veronica Martini (Koala Fencing Club).


The final

Paolucci (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. D’Ambra (Fencing Workshop) 15-11


Paolucci (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Calvelli (Young and Tenacious) 15-6

D’Ambra (Fencing Workshop) b. Vaglini (Fencing Club Pisa Antonio Di Ciolo) 15-5

Classification: 1. Gianmarco Paolucci (Fiamme Oro Roma), 2. Nicola D’Ambra (Fencing Workshop), 3. Michele Vaglini (Fencing Club Pisa Antonio Di Ciolo), 3. Francesco Calvelli (Young and Tenacious).


The final

Pasquino (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Markowska (Fiamme Oro Roma) 15-11


Pasquino (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Molinu (Sassarese Fencing Club) 15-4

Markowska (Fiamme Oro Roma) b. Solomon (Minervium Scherma Manerbio) 15-8

Classification: 1. Rossana Pasquino (Fiamme Oro Rome), 2. Julia Anna Markowska (Fiamme Oro Rome), 3. Roxana Diana Solomon (Minervium Scherma Manerbio), 3. Anna Giuseppina Molinu (Sassarese Fencing Club).


The final

Buratti (Pro Patria Busto Arsizio) b. Rizzi (Milan Fencing Academy) 10-6


Buratti (Pro Patria Busto Arsizio) b. Ballini (Circolo Fencing Through Florence) 10-5

Rizzi (Milan Fencing Academy) b. Giacomelli (Academy of Fermo Fermo) 10-5

Classification: 1. Alessandro Buratti (Pro Patria Busto Arsizio), 2. Giuseppe Rizzi (Milan Fencing Academy), 3. Lorenzo Giacomelli (Fermo Fermo Academy), 3. Lorenzo Ballini (Circolo Fencing Through Florence).


The final

Tartaglia (Circolo Fencing Appio) b. Worms (Milan Fencing Academy) 10-6


Tartaglia (Circolo Fencing Appio) b. Tosetto (Pro Patria Busto Arsizio) 10-8

Worms (Milan Fencing Academy) b. Augliese (Milan Fencing Academy) 10-5

Classification: 1. Veronica Tartaglia (Appio Fencing Club), 2. Ilaria Vermi (Milan Fencing Academy), 3. Francesca Augliese (Milan Fencing Academy), 3. Laura Tosetto (Pro Patria Busto Arsizio).

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