Pallotta wants to buy Palermo!

PALERMO – The dilemma of Mirri. The president, drunk with joy after the very strong emotions of his second promotion in 3 years (but the first from Serie D he had not been able to celebrate due to the rage of Covid), he leaves this morning for a three-day trip.

Top secret destination

Destination top secret, but it is easy to believe that it will have to define theentrance of the subject destined to acquire the majority of the company: B series changes the scenarios and also eases many worries thanks to the contributions of TV rights, but a wider project cannot do without fresh resources that he can no longer guarantee. There are two on the table offers tempting but different and that’s about those Mirri he will have to think carefully: with the City Football Group the verbal agreement has existed for some time, it would provide economic and technical certainties and would bring Palermo into the orbit of one of the holding more important than world football, but essentially remaining a satellite club of a galaxy with many other interests.

The insertion of Pallotta

The insertion of James Pallotta has other connotations, because the Palermo it would pass to a single owner, willing to focus on the enthusiasm of the square and who already has a background in Italian football, even if not very lucky, with Roma. THE consultants Pallotta need no introduction, the man of reference is always Franco Baldini, who lives in London but knows the world of our football by heart. The interest of the former Giallorossi patron is not sudden but he has returned to light up after several ups and downs, thanks to the team’s exploits and above all to the sensational response of the public that does not leave indifferent entrepreneurs who study an investment.

Letter of intent

There letter of intentions reached in recent days a Mirri has opened a breach, it is detailed and very interesting and would probably allow us to continue along the line of technical continuity, which at this moment has a precise value, also for Silvio Baldini’s time on the bench. With the overtaking of Pallotta, the CEO Sagramola and also the sporting director Castagnini would almost certainly remain in place, openly praised by the coach yesterday. The tweet by Pallotta who on the night of the promotion congratulated Palermo by writing “another step towards his place, the return to Serie A”. From this trip, therefore, the patron Mirri will necessarily have to return with a decisive answer for the imminent future of the rosanero association.

Deadlines. The deadlines 2022/23 are already looming: registration at B, dates and location of the summer retreat, first official commitments. The squad will make their debut in the Italian Cup in the preliminary round in a straight match at “Barbera” with Reggiana (30 or 31 July). Then the contractual positions of the players, an issue not addressed for the playoffs and the company situation “in the making”. Crivello is linked to Palermo until 2024, Luperini and Somma to 2023, renewals have been started for De Rose and Dall’Oglio, others are expiring and awaiting news in a short time. The list includes decisive elements for the promotion such as Valente, Floriano, the central defense Lancini and Marconi and Accardi.

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