Palermo-Padova show: final on the edge of records

PALERMO – Two giants in comparison, with the respective useful series in progress which outline precise characteristics. Unscrupulous and always looking for goals the Palermowhich in addition can count on the “fort” of Barberasolid and ruthless the Paduawhich has built its businesses away from home best, even in the play offs. Although one the final of the genre escapes any prediction especially for the psychological implications, the nature of the two contenders is well defined and can hardly change in a single night. Who will have the betterthe clamorous prolificacy that Baldini was able to transmit to his Palermo, or the concreteness of the Venetians, with Oddo who this year has already brought home the Italian Cup of the category?

The super attack

The breakthrough more recognizable than the rosanero after the technical change was the ability to hurt in front of goal. The Palermo He has scored from 23 consecutive games in which he produced 51 goals, an average of more than 2 per game. In history rosanero there had never been a team with similar offensive continuity. The total number of achievements in the league is 76, even higher than the magical year (which in part also belonged to Baldini) of his return to Serie A in 2003/04, 75 goals in 46 games. The absolute record in the matter belongs to the 1931/32 season, 90 years ago, when in Serie B the Palermo scored in a burst, 80 goals in 34 games, and obviously was promoted to A.habit at goal she seems glued to the rosanero, regardless of the home factor; one of the 4 strikers that Baldini fielded from the first day, in these 23 matches he always scored: from Felici, then relegated to the bench, up to Floriano also relaunched as a goalscorer, obviously passing from Brunori and Soleri (40 goals in two), and again Valente and Luperini, added raider. At home the team has always responded even when the stands were semi-empty, indeed it felt a little pressure in the playoffs; the useful series of consecutive results al Barbera reached 28, 5 last year (after the 2-4 home match with Juve Stabia), 23 in the current season, 2 of which in the Cup. Tomorrow we will also play to match the record gained between 2008 (after the 0-4 in the derby with Catania) and September 2010 (knocked out with Inter), 29 official home games without defeat. A record that shook right in the playoffs, with the draw caught in the 95 ‘by Luperini with Triestina, and the comeback from 0-2 with the Virtus Entella stamped Soleri-Fella.


Numbers scary on which the Palermo should not be lulled but which serve to give confidence that the team is built to find a winning solution under the net anyway. Baldini he wants to win with his own weapons, he will never suggest a speculative tactic or a renunciation of pressing to safeguard the advantage. For this, the squad must corroborate that record by trying to score another goal and make life harder and harder for Padova. Meanwhile, before the match Brunori will receive the Facco trophy from president Ghirelli, in the name of the former RAI coach and commentator who died in 2018. The award goes to the goal judged to be the best in the league, and is the 2-0 signed by Matteo in Monopoli after a personal action .

The Padua

For its part, the Padua will bring his own to Barbera concreteness in external competitions. He has been unbeaten away from home in 15 games, he hasn’t scored away from home since March 20 (goal by Palermo’s Da Graca in 1-2 with Juve Under 23), he knows how to withstand the pressure of opposing fans. Will the final respect these hypotheses or will it live on crazy variables?

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