Palermo in B: la rivincita di Silvio Baldini, l'anticonformista che insegna la vita prima del calcio

The Palermo back in B. after 3 years and the face of the promotion, more than that of a footballer, of the various Brunori, De Rosa, Floriano, is the coach: Silvio Baldini, the architect of an unexpected ascent. The Carrarino boarded the rosanero wagon on December 24 last yeartaking the team to the fifth place in group C, after a limping start, and leading him up to the cadet series. It is the revenge of a technician they remember most the eccentric gestures, unconventional choices that equips them in the field. But Baldini is made like this, in his own way, an involuntary character, a unicum in the Italian panorama of coaches who, in order not to renounce their principles, had a career lower than their possibilities. Ideas before money, football as a passion and not as a jobthe former coach of Empoli and Catania has had few ups and downs but has always professed his own football creed, a way of being far from the coaches in suits and from standard answers.

UPS AND DOWNS – Anarchist, as he himself defined himself, straightforward, with the answer always ready, and often cryptic, at 63 he returned to take new satisfactions after the train of great football seemed to have lost him for good. After a long six-year hiatus from the fields, Baldini had returned to coach at his home, at Carrareseand he had done it for the sole pleasure of doing it, free. He has always been talked about well, as an original and tactically prepared coach, his ideas were innovative and worked, his was a career on the launching pad. And the results came: promotion to Serie A with Empoli, salvation, but then the abyss. Many wrong choices, many exemptions (one in Palermo with Zamparini) and the need, more than others than his in reality, to relegate him to provincial footballto the one away from the big spotlights, from big expenses.

THE DEDICATION – Politically engaged, loved by his players who see a second father in him, he has repeatedly said: “I don’t teach football, I teach life”, even if he risked losing his health for the ball. This was the season of his redemption, a kind of rebirth that he knew would come sooner or later. At the end of the match against Padova, he let himself go to the microphones: “I knew it would happen, but I don’t count for anything, I’m a drop of the ocean. I had faith, football must be a vehicle of love. Tonight my players when they come home and hug their wives will be better men. And I’ll do it too: i will give my wife a 10 minute hug. He has never made me feel alone, he has always been there, the merit of this enterprise is above all of him, he has made me become a person capable of thinking in a certain way “.

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