Palermo flies to Serie B. Padua beaten 1-0 in the final

PALERMO– The rebirth of the Palermo it is almost complete. The rosanero land in Serie B thanks to the 1-0 victory over Padua in the playoff final at Barbera. Decisive once again bomber Matteo Brunoriwhich rises to 29 total goals, 25 in the league and 4 in the playoffs, which however he fails to reach Luca Toni by number of goals with the Palermo in a single season. An amazing year for the team of Silvio Baldiniwho finished the regular season in third place with 66 points behind Bari And Catanzaro, with 18 wins, 12 draws and 6 defeats. A great achievement for the Palermoachieved after overcoming major obstacles such as Triestina, Virtus Entella, Feralpisalò and, in fact, the Padua. The rosanero find the cadet championship that was missing from the 2018-2019 season.

Palermo 1-0 Padua (1st leg 1-0)

First chance Palermo: long ball for Brunori jumping Valentini and kicks with his left on the near post, where he finds it rejected in a corner by Donnarumma. Rosanero again with a corner scheme for Dall’Oglio which kicks centrally. At 23 ‘penalty kick for Palermopunished a touch of the hand in the area of Pelagatti: from the disk it goes Brunori that displaces Donnarumma for the 1-0 of the rosanero. Barbera explodes. The Padua is seen at the half hour with an insidious punishment of Ronaldo neutralized by Massolo. At 39 ‘ Ronaldo he finds in the area Jelenic who tames and kicks finding the grip of the rosanero goalkeeper. At 43 ‘tiro from the limit of Valente which ends, however, high above the crossbar of Donnarumma. After 2 ‘of recovery you go to rest with the Palermo ahead 1-0.

Second half

Immediately an opportunity for the Palermo with a corner pattern perfect for Brunori that hits with a sure shot but Ceravolo save on line. We try again with the outside Brunori but the ball ends up high over the crossbar. Shortly after volley from a very tight angle by Floriano with the left-handed, good Donnarumma to reject in the corner. At 56 ‘the Padua remains in 10 for the expulsion of Ronaldoguilty of a blow against Perrotta. The VAR calls the referee Perenzoni which extracts the red. At 69 ‘the Palermo almost doubling on the development of a corner kick towards Luperini who jumps higher than all and hits his head but finds the miracle of Donnarumma who saves his own. On the other hand, the Padua with Hraiech that head in the area crushes to the ground and the ball ends up high over the crossbar. At 81 ‘ Luperini goes straight to the area, try the shot for a spin but Donnarumma he is once again alert and rejects. At 85 ‘ Gasbarro loses ball on pressure Luperini that puts in the way for Soleri who kicks has a safe shot from a few meters but still Donnarumma with a great reflex he says no to the opponent. The former Milan is repeated shortly after on Silipo who tried from a secluded position. The Padua it even ends up in 9 men for the second yellow a Pelagatti. After 4 ‘of recovery the party at Barbera can begin: the Palermo is in Serie B.

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