Palermo, an entire city that has become a team

The Palermo dating from C to B is news. That the promotion it happened by popular acclaim is THE news. THE playoffs most spectacular and exciting ever led to “Barbera” four times – with Triestina, Entella, Feralpi and Padua – 35,000 spectators, as many as did not permanently recall the A league. A miracle, I’ve heard. No, a company wanted and carried out by a technician, Silvio Baldiniwho leaves and entrusts to the future an unusual Creed: not technical choices and masterful tactics, although belonging to his long experience and skill also admired by consecrated Wizards (I have heard Fabio Capello greet him with admiration) but a project entrusted to extraordinary human resources.

Baldini first built a group of loyalists linked by strong solidarity, then he transformed an entire city into a team that from the dramatic fall in Series D and until a month ago she had deserted the friendly stadium, punished in pride, wounded in passion. Baldini practically repeated Mourinho’s gesture when it Specialone invited Romenot only the Romanists, to play the game of Cup against the Leicester: 70,000 answered him, transforming the Olimpico in a loving volcano. To that people Mou sent an extraordinary message: “If we have 70,000 spectators, it will have no meaning. If we have 70,000 who want to play with us, the story is different. Don’t come to the stadium to see the game, come and play it ». Rome beat Leicester, won the final in Tiranahe won it and Mou talked about one «Family victory, of the whole Roma family“.

I mention the Portuguese because his company had a great media coverage. But in the same hours Baldini did more, defrosting Palermo in the match that I believe was the key to the playoffswith the rosanero uncertain, almost fearful of Triestinaat first apparently destined for debacle, then by popular acclaim, launched to victorious clashes with Entella, Feralpi and Padua. Baldini is not a magician but an enlightened guru who combined his tactical wisdom with great work on the field and on the men he used to Christmas Eve, returning to Palermo after 18 years and a painful exemption, he had found disheartened and disunited. They are resurrected, led by a prodigious bomber, the “Brazilian” Matteo Brunori, author of about thirty goals. A head of the family who was allowed to get married with his Dalila forty-eight hours before the final, to then treat himself with his teammates, the coach and the whole city to promotion to B. Great Palermogreat championship, Lega Pro by applause.

Palermo celebrating all night for Serie B PHOTO

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Palermo celebrating all night for Serie B PHOTO

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