Palermo, a thing never seen before.  Here are the plans of Mansour and City Group: Serie A goal


The acronym stands for City Football Group, the holding company of a network of football clubs under the prestigious Manchester City brand and under the umbrella of millions of euros in the name of Abu Dhabi United Group (hereafter ADUG) which owns 78% of the share capital; 12% belong to the Chinese of China Media Capital and Citic Capital; 10% of the Americans of Silver Lake Partners. The CFG teams are Manchester City, England (100%); New York City, USA (80%); Melbourne City, Australia (100%); Yokohama Marinos, Japan (20%),: Girona, Spain, (44.3%); Montevideo City Torque, Uruguay (100%), Sichuan Jiuniu, China (29.7%); Mumbai City, India (65%); Lommel (99%), Belgium; Troyes, France (100%).

Enthusiastic fans

It is a new world that opens up for Palermo entering the CFG galaxy with truly exciting prospects for the rosanero fans: Serie A to be regained within two years, strengthening of the staff and structures, modern stadium, massive media development of the rosanero image, of the marketing and commercialization of a brand loved by millions of fans around the world. In anticipation of the formalization of the agreement, the men of the City are already working underground in the Sicilian capital (first deadline: registration for the championship by 22 June; second deadline: Accardi, Lancini, Marconi, Odjer, Valente, Pelagotti, Floriano; third deadline: confirm the staff of the promotion to Serie B, in the lead Baldini who has already said that he wants to remain as long as the ds Castagnini remains. In the new board of directors, with a minority share, the current one will sit president Dario Mirri, the man of Palermo reconstruction. He passed from Serie D to B in three years, was able to bring 150,000 spectators to Barbera in the 4 playoff games, rekindled a formidable enthusiasm in the supporters who do not see the ‘time to live the new adventure with the sheikh of Abu Dhabi, imagining his ambitions and fanning his massive investments in the team, in the company and in its structures.

Gardini decisive

A role of fundamental importance in the transfer of ownership was played by Giovanni Gardini, 58, from Padua, a long-time manager, having held various positions in Padua, Treviso, Lazio, Livorno, Verona and Inter. It is with Gardini that Mirri had the decisive meeting, a harbinger of the new Palermo era. The best is yet to come for the rosanero.

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