PadelArtisti, Roberta Beta: "Idea by Simone Barazzotto"

Twenty-two years ago he crossed the famous red door of Big Brother in what was the first, historic, edition. Now Roberta Beta is one of the souls of PadelArtisti, a team that boasts singers, actors, TV personalities and sports glories. The former competitor of the GF, who later became (also) radio speaker, was in recent days among the protagonists of the new PadelArtisti Trophy which started again with the stage of Sciacca, in Sicily, where the actors triumphed Gilles Rocca And Marco Vivio. Many famous names took part in the tournament at Mangia’s Torre del Barone Premium Resort: apart from the two winners and the ex gieffina, there were also Jonis Bascir, Marco Bonini, Emiliano Ragno And Gianguido Baldi. “And now it replicates immediately – says Roberta Beta – In fact, from 12 to 14 June we will be in Forte dei Marmi, in Tuscany. The tournament will run throughout the summer and beyond as we have stages scheduled until October. Sicily will once again be the protagonist because in July we will play in Favignana and then we will go to Pollina“.

The idea

Where does PadelArtisti come from? “THEthe credit goes to Simone Barazzotto, an “enlightened” character, former general manager of BasketArtisti, who last year decided to put this project into play with great success – explains Roberta Beta – He has been organizing events for 20 years, he understood that the padel was moving forward and decided to create this beautiful team“. Several stars who will hold the padel racket in the summer stages of PadelArtisti. “We are a close-knit team – tells – There are also Manila Nazzaro and his partner Lorenzo Amorusoformerly of Fiorentina, but also Jimmy Ghione, Marco Bonini and many others. We have a lot of fun, there is healthy competition and there is no desire to bury the opponent. Whoever is better plays with the weaker“.

The discovery of the padel

I consider myself an apprentice. Everyone plays padel and I want to try too. They say it’s easy, but it’s tiring and it’s complicated to be able to catch these balls that hit the glass. It is a sport that everyone can tackle in some way but you have to commit yourself. In the PadelArtisti tournaments I appreciate the fact that meetings are organized, perhaps mixing strong people with newbies to make everything more balanced. We play a lot, we often rotate our teammates. Last time I played with Marco Vivio, actor and voice actor, who is very good. Everyone can participate, I have more of a role of “presenter” of the gang, I consider myself polyvalent, I am not only a player, also because we also have collateral events. And there could also be a stage abroad in the pipelineThere is time for a look beyond the net. “What do I see in my future? There are some television projects but I can’t say more“. Finally, a dip in the past. “Big Brother? I have a beautiful memory. I am still in contact with all my teammates. That was a founding experience of my life. A blast stuff

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