Padel Net Cup, gala evening in Rome: present Totti, Fiore and Corradi

ROME – Great success for the “Padel Net Cup“, the first padel tournament dedicated to fundraising for environmental protection and sustainable development, held yesterday in Rome in the exclusive location of Villa Pamphili Padel Club. A highly successful tournament, featuring the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco and DigitalBits, sponsors of the event, and former Serie A players: from Francesco Totti to Stefano Fiorefrom Vincent Candela to Roberto Baronio, up to Christian Panucci, Luigi Di Biagio And Bernardo Corradi. Sport thus becomes a promoter of environmental protection by transforming sporting rivalry into sharing and union of values ​​but not only: the “Padel Net Cup” has served to combine sport with technology and link it to the news of recent times, thanks also to the brand awareness of DigitalBits which presented the initiative.

“Padel Net Cup”: the words of Totti and Fiore

The Gala Dinner was then held in the splendid setting of the Hotel Villa Pamphili. Those present were able to become aware of the considerable progress that sport is trying to implement to raise awareness on delicate issues such asenvironment and it Sustainable Development. He is convinced of it Francesco Totti: the former Roma captain is convinced that “events like these, where sport becomes a vehicle for such important issues as environmental protection, are always essential and represent a key element of my role as ambassadors of sport and DigitalBits. I was happy to be the captain of this padel derby that had such an important purpose. “On the same wavelength too Stefano Fioreformer player of Lazio and Fiorentina: “Padel is the sport that at this moment allows us former players to be always present and to give our contribution especially to events where charity and great values ​​become protagonists“, declared the ex from Lazio who underlined how the padel allows to pass”a message of union and not of rivalry“. A great evening dedicated to values ​​not to be neglected. He also firmly emphasizes this Marco ColasantiPresident of Italy Alberto II Foundation of Monaco who thanks the organizers and athletes who participated in the event and underlines the importance of the result achieved, that is “promote awareness through priority issues, which unquestionably affect the life of each of us, no one excluded“. According to Colasanti, small daily gestures can”improve the current situation“and direct us”towards a better future“.

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