Overwatch 2: no lootboxes upon release, there will be a battle pass and a seasonal system

The company’s decision to make “Overwatch 2” free represents a fundamental change in the business model for the franchise. The hated loot boxesrelic of an outdated monetization philosophy, they will disappear in favor of a classic battle pass that, every 2 months, will offer new content to fans “.

“I feel like the biggest change coming to Overwatch isn’t just what happens on October 4th,” Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller said in a conversation with members of the media on Tuesday. “The biggest change that is coming is all that we will release next. We are committed to publishing more content than we have ever done before. “

Starting October 4, the sequel will debut with three new heroes, six new maps, and the new Push game mode. At the start of each season, Blizzard will release either a new hero, a new map, or a new game mode as a free update for all. The three heroes arriving in October are Sojournwhich is we first tried this spring, Junker Queen, an Australian heroine introduced by Blizzard on Sunday, and an unnamed support hero. (Fans with keen eyes may have spotted a small teaser: a fox-like ghost hopping in a few frames from the latest trailer.)

Junker Queena two-meter-tall heroine who wields a battle ax, embodies Blizzard’s new philosophy for the role of the tank in Overwatch 2. Many of the more massive heroes in the original Overwatch served as movable walls, providing shields for teammates to protect themselves from enemy fire. This, in turn, leads to defensive stalls making games quite boring. Overwatch lead designer Geoff Goodman said Blizzard wants tanks to play more aggressively in the sequel. As soon as we have the opportunity to try it we will tell you how it plays but until then know that its primary fire is a shotgun, its secondary fire is a blade that inflicts a wound on enemies (which does damage over time) and its ultimate is a whirlwind of axes who throws it forward, wounds all enemies it hits and prevents them from being healed.

In the conference with members of the media on Tuesday, Keller said that Blizzard is committed to releasing three to four new heroes, plus three or four new maps, every year. Blizzard has only released a roadmap until 2023, but Keller said his team is busy developing new content for Overwatch 2 “frequently and constantly, in perpetuity.” Keller added that the free-to-play model is the simplest way for Blizzard to fund these constant updates. “We have taken a lot of steps in the past few years to grow the team so that we can handle the amount of work it will take,” said Keller. “We are three times bigger than when the game was launched.”

Responding to a question about how leadership changes at Blizzard and allegations of harassment impacted the team that developed Overwatch 2, Keller said he was “so proud” of what the team was able to accomplish last year. . Dion Rogers, the art director of Overwatch 2, followed up on Keller’s response, adding that there is “a lot of positivity on the team” for the sequel. “Aaron and I have been working together for over a decade and I couldn’t have been more excited to see him lead the game into the future,” said Rogers. “It’s like a group of friends building this great title together and I have a lot of faith in Aaron. And I know the team does it too ”.

Additionally, “Overwatch 2” will allow for both crossplay and cross progression, meaning fans will be able to compete with other players on any console, all using a single Overwatch account.
“Free to play for us means growing the audience,” Spector said. “This game is at its best when you can have fun with your friends.” The PvE side of the game will be released in 2023 and there will be a lot more information coming in the next few months about it.

The next beta will be available on June 28 also on consoles and both the new Tank, Junker Queen, and a new map set in Rio de Janeiro will be available. Remember that if you participated in the previous beta you are NOT automatically enrolled in the second one, go HERE and sign up

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