L’Olimpia rientra con Grant e Hines, ma è il cuore della Virtus a prevalere: si torna al Forum

Virtus Bologna does not bow its head: after having wasted a double-digit advantage, Scariolo’s team found the games of success in the final with Shengelia and Teodosic. Milan has the merit of staying in the race until the end, but it’s back to the Forum.

84-78 the final, 3-2 series for Olimpia Milano.


The two teams start off aggressively in attack, but Milan misses a lot from below, Virtus produces with Weems’ 4 for 10-4 at 6.21. Messina raises the quintet with Datome from 3 and Hall in the direction, Jaiteh scores and suffers the foul for 15-8 at 4.09, Scariolo immediately plays the Alibegovic card, and Virtus tries to leave immediately with the basket and foul by Pajola which imposes in Messina the timeout at 3.37 (18-8). Datome scoreboard, Sampson finds +12 on assistance from Teodosic and then is 1/2 from the line again on the sensational invention of the Serbian. Melli tries to shake up the team by stopping Sampson and then scoring in the American’s face for 21-11, 25-12 at the end of the first quarter.


Two fouls for Hackett and Pajola, the Chacho supports the 28-19 shortly after the exit of Shields for a blow to the knee, but the player returns quickly. Chacho himself supports on 28-21 at 7.41 and for Scariolo it is timeout after having collected little with Mannion in the field. Hall puts the bomb of 10-0 for 28-24 at 6.54, Jaiteh breaks the partial while Messina gives up Rodriguez for the second foul. Shengelia for 32-24, while on the pitch the tension rises with the hint of a fight between Grant and Weems that costs the third foul to the USA of Scariolo. The moment remains for Jaiteh, who after 9 in the first quarter reaches 17 at 0.32, 42-37 at the end of the first half.


Virtus starts strong with 4 points from Hackett and a comfortable support from Cordinier for the 50-39 at 7.58. Bentil spends his fourth foul at 7 ‘, Olimpia is not there as at the start of the match and Shengelia finds the basket and a foul of 54-41 at 6.42. After two fouls taken by Melli he is technician on the Virtus bench and Milos Teodosic and Olimpia goes on 54.45 at 6 ‘, then Rodriguez lacks a triple key with space and time. Melli, however, is not wrong at 4.20 for 56-48, and 4 by Hines are worth 57-52 at 3.21 and Scariolo’s timeout. Grant raises Milan to -3, but here Pajola and Belinelli from 3 (first points for him) bring the match back to 62.-54 at 1.37. 62-58 at the end of the third quarter.


It starts with Grant’s shot from 4, we are even, and then immediately stolen for the first Milanese advantage on 62-64 (10-0 partial). Everything happens: Shields hurts his ankle, Belinelli scores in transition with a foul: technician at number 31 who is treated on the bench, 66-64 at 8.28. Chacho invents for Hines who finds the basket with a foul: 66-67 at 7.50. Belinelli takes a foul on a 3, 2/3 and 70-67 attempt, with a triple from Chacho for 70-70. Teodosic answers from 3 to the Spaniard, to 3.53 however Hines for 74-75 (two inventions in a row for the Chacho). At 2.44, after overtaking Toko, Melli misses the average and takes the technical for protests: free from Teodosic, triple from Shengelia and is 80-75. Immediately after Rodriguez’s attacking foul, it is the key moment.

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