Finale Serie A2, l’angolo tecnico di coach Paolo Lepore: la presentazione della Givova Scafati

On Sunday 19 June the 4 games of the playoff finals of Serie B Old Wild West will be played: JuVi Cremona, Vigevano, Rimini and Agrigento are ahead 2-1. Best of 5 match series, alternating home-home-away-away-home. The four winners are promoted to Serie A2.

TABLE 1 – Sunday 19 June, 8.30 pm
Cremona: Ferraroni JuVi-La Patrie San Miniato (Series: 2-1 JuVi Cremona)

BOARD 2 – Sunday 19 June, 6.00 pm
Vigevano: Elachem-Gesteco Cividale (Series: 2-1 Vigevano)

TABLE 3 – Sunday 19 June, 7.00 pm
Rimini: RivieraBanca Basket-Liofilchem ​​Roseto (Series: 2-1 Rimini)

BOARD 4 – Sunday 19 June, 6.00 pm
Rieti: Real Sebastiani-Moncada Energy Agrigento (Series: 1-2 Agrigento)

At the following links all the information on the four Scoreboards of the Serie B Old Wild West Playoffs (scoreboard, formula, calendars):
BOARD 1 ->
BOARD 2 ->
TABLE 3 ->
TABLE 4 ->

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Where: PalaRadi, Cremona
When: Sunday 19 June, 8.30 pm
Referees: Grappasonno, Barbieri
Series: 2-1 JuVi Cremona
Live on LNP Pass:

Alessandro Crotti (coach) –
“We are perfectly aware of the situation. We didn’t do anything on Friday, what counts is tomorrow’s match (Sunday, ed) and if we were to waste this great opportunity we have, playing at home, the road would become uphill. We remain focused and aware that it is a business, but within our reach. San Miniato is a very formidable opponent, but we too have worked a year for this final. And we will do everything possible to bring it home “.
Carlo Fumagalli (player) – “Race 3 went as we wanted, that is with a victory, which brings us closer to our goal. We didn’t play well knowing our abilities, the heat penalized everyone, but this victory gives us the right awareness that, even in a not very positive evening for the individual percentages, we know how to win the same. Sunday is match point and we want to end the series ”.
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Alessio Marchini (coach) –
“Game 3 was in balance, we did well to stay inside the game while shooting with bad percentages from 3 points and from the line. At the beginning of the last quarter we put our head forward, but we didn’t have the clarity to maintain the inertia. We must not give up and use this match to be more ready in Game 4 ”.
Stefano Capozio (player) – “Yesterday (Friday, editor’s note) it was definitely a physical and tough match and as we expected Cremona started strong. Too bad that when we recovered and then overtook we stopped scoring and they, as a solid team, stayed there and punished us. Nothing, that is to say, there is still a race and we will be ready to face it in the best possible way and bring the series back to San Miniato ”.
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Where: PalaBasletta, Vigevano (Pv)
When: Sunday 19 June, 6.00 pm
Referees: Rodia, Courage
Series: 2-1 Vigevano
Live on LNP Pass:

Paolo Piazza (coach) –
“The boys amaze every time they play, they are together, every time this team increases its value. Crazy atmosphere at the Palazzetto, it is incredible to play with this audience, which I thank. Game 3 was very hard, they had an excellent approach to the game, we fought tooth and nail and we clung to our defense that brought us this far. We have to think one match at a time, because we play against a team of great quality and talent ”.
Nicolò Gatti (player) – “Game 3 was a male playoff game, two teams that never give up. Game of partials and a last quarter that saw an intensity and a tiredness that perhaps I had never found in my career. We did well even when we couldn’t find the way to the basket to hold and hold behind; physically they overwhelm us, but we were good at fighting and not giving up an inch. Sunday will be a battle, they are the favorites from the beginning of the year to win, we are ready to fight pushed by our fans; it goes as it goes it will be a party, which I think none of us will ever forget “.
Note – For game 4 the PalaBasletta is sold-out. Sold out all available tickets.
Average – Watch matches live on LNP Pass. On the social channels (Instagram and Facebook) of Nuova Pallacanestro Vigevano 1955 update to each quarter and final result.

Stefano Pillastrini (coach) –
“We can and must make better use of our strengths. We must, in essence, do something more. To win game 4 you will need an extraordinary match “.
Note – Race 4 can be followed as usual in the Eagles Club House at PalaGesteco and at the bar da Laura-bistrò in Foro Giulio Cesare, in the heart of Cividale.
Average – Tomorrow’s game (Sunday, ed) will be broadcast in live streaming (for a fee) from 17.55 on LNP Pass (, while the deferred game will also be broadcast on Sunday at 22.00 on Telefriuli (channels 11 and 511). in Fvg) and on The updates at the end of each quarter will be published on the official social profiles, Facebook and Instagram, of the UEB Gesteco.


Where: Palasport Flaminio, Rimini
When: Sunday 19 June, 7.00 pm
Referees: Roca, Giordano
Series: 2-1 Rimini
Live on LNP Pass:

Simone Brugè (assistant coach)
– “I want to thank the incredible Flaminio audience for their support in race 3 (3,300 people, ed). Roseto didn’t give up in the final, but we didn’t bite in defense and we rushed offensive solutions. We have to face race 4 as if it were race 5, or rather as if we were at a disadvantage: it takes 100% from everyone and you have to be cynical for 40 minutes ”.
Note – No injuries at RivieraBanca Basket Rimini: the red and white roster will be complete for Game 4 of the final. The red and white fans will be able to participate in the “RivieraBanca Games” organized by the main sponsor RivieraBanca: a shot scored from halfway through the interval allows them to win the official Rinascita Basket Rimini tank top.
Average – The match will be streamed live on the LNP Pass platform. Constant updates on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Rinascita Basket Rimini; on the YouTube channel and on the official website post-match interviews and match reports.

Danilo Quaglia (coach) –
“In game 3 we tried to win at all costs, it was a mature game on our part from all points of view, a lot of maturity in the second part of the game and choosing the best solution to go to the basket. I am very happy with the performance of the boys, because winning here was not easy at all: we extended the series, it was our goal, to recover our energies for tomorrow (Sunday, ed) and return to the field to try to get even. “
Alfonso Zampogna (player) – “Game 3 was tough, hard fought, we were very good at following our match plan, staying united throughout the 40 minutes. For game 4 I certainly expect a warm environment, as the previous matches were, a balanced challenge, which will probably be decided again in the final and will therefore need to remain compact until the end, to try to bring the series back to Roseto “.
Note – All available for coach Quaglia.
Average – Live and exclusive match on LNP Pass, live updates on the Facebook and Instagram page “Pallacanestro Roseto”, with the usual pre-match and live post.


Where: PalaSojourner, Rieti
When: Sunday 19 June, 6.00 pm
Referees: March, Cassina
Series: 1-2 Agrigento
Live on LNP Pass:

Alex Finelli (coach) –
“On Friday we played with great awareness, knowing the stakes. A vehement performance, with blood in the eyes by our veterans, as it should have been. We suffered a bit in the final, as expected, given the waste of energy. Now we have to repeat ourselves against a great team. Square, expert. Sunday will be another battle. Fatigue and energy recovery will be fundamental. Those who have played less will be fresher tomorrow (Sunday, ed). We are 10 for this. We will all have to be ready, reactive and intense ”.
Nicolas Stanic (player, point guard) – “Race 3 had to be won regardless of the score: 2 or 20, always a point counts and for us it was essential to lengthen the series and to try to play the beautiful Wednesday in Agrigento. But we are still one match behind and therefore on Sunday we will have to return to the field as if it were the second half of Friday’s match. After two defeats it was important to go back to winning, because beyond the fact that losing again would have meant handing over the series to the opponents, we had to meet again, see the Sebastiani that everyone has known in the last four months. The public was decisive and it will be decisive again tomorrow (Sunday, ed). We believe in it”.
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Michele Catalani (coach) –
“In the meantime, I want to congratulate Rieti for race 3, for never letting go and for the environment that has been created around it, for the atmosphere. It was a hard-fought game where we missed an extra basket, having lost only by 2 and having conceded 60 points at home is an excellent result to start from again. I can’t blame my boys for anything, it’s the game we expected, thinking about coming here and winning in the carriage was a mistake, congratulations to them and let’s think about the next one right away. The absence of Albano (Chiarastella, ed) certainly weighs, but we are working for other solutions. We have other match points and we have to think about the next one ”.
Giuseppe Cuffaro (player) – “Game 3 was the match we expected, we knew we would find a warm environment and that it would be difficult from a physical point of view and intensity. We are very angry but we want to redeem ourselves immediately, we rest, recover our energy and we will try again in Game 4. For us Albano Chiarastella is very important, not only on the field but also off, he is a leader and we missed him a lot on Friday, but we hope to recover him. as soon as possible and that he can reach us “.
Note – Nothing to report.
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